Smoking and vaping in Fort Lauderdale is a big part of any evening out or attending a fun event. Knowing where the legal smoking areas are is just as important as getting the right smoking products from us at Smokey News. We carry a wide variety of vaping and smoking needs and we’re even here to help you if you’re wondering, “Where can I Smoke?”

Of course, there are more places left to vape than smoke cigarettes or cigars, but you can still find a thriving list of smoking lounge locations by looking on the Internet. Many of these cater to those who love the taste and smell of a fine cigar.  Remember we are the industry leader in Fort Lauderdale when it comes to a great inventory of tobacco products as well as dry herb vape pens and everything else that you can think of under the smoking and vaping umbrellas.

You can find any smoking restaurants left in Fort Lauderdale by talking with City Hall and you should follow up any search with a quick call to make sure they can accommodate you. Although finding  a place that can accommodate tobacco requires some research, vaping is inoffensive to most people and you can enjoy that pastime almost anywhere. Why not take a look at the great selection of eliquids we carry?