There’s nothing more satisfying to vapers around the globe, experienced or otherwise, than knowing how to make big and thick vape clouds. When I first started out, I was always jealous of people who were able to produce huge amounts of smoke, as my vapor clouds were nothing short of embarrassing. But that soon changed.

If you are a rookie vaper and you want huge, thick vape clouds, we at Smokey News are here to provide some useful pointers on how to recognize and obtain a vape pen with most the smoke.

Get A Vape Pen With More Power And Low Resistance

vape smoke girlIt’s all about power when it comes to producing the most smoke. A vape pen (and its battery) must be powerful in order to allow its user to vaporize his/her e-liquid of choice at a much quicker rate. A low resistance coil is also a crucial part of a vape pen with most smoke. The combination of a powerful battery and a low resistance coil is the most effective way to get the most of your vape pen.

This is where the new and increasingly popular trend of #subohmvaping comes into play.

Sub-ohm vaping means using a vape pen with a coil that has a resistance lower than 1ohm. This way you are able to vaporize your e-liquid at a much quicker pace. Low resistance coils allow more power to pass through the circuit, resulting in seemingly much more vapor. Why seemingly? The trick is that this increase in power isn’t actually creating “more vapor”, but is instead making possible for you to receive vapor quicker than with pens with less power. This basically means that the e-liquid vaporizes at a quicker pace, making possible for you to draw more vapor within a single inhale.

NOTE: Sub-ohm vaping is undoubtedly extremely cool and fun, but it is important to mention that it can be very dangerous as well, especially if you are a rookie and don’t really know what you are doing. Should you decide to give sub-ohm vaping a try, make sure you go over all the essentials of sub-ohm safety.

Get A Pen With More Air-Flow

Another important aspect of producing more vapor is the airflow. If you decide to go with the abovementioned method and increase the power of your vape pen while using lower resistance coils, you must know that the vapor’s temperature will also increase accordingly, which means it may become too hot for you to vape comfortably.

This is where you should think about increasing the airflow.  

Increasing the airflow in your vape pen will allow it to get more fresh air and thus cool the temperature of the vapor, making your vaping experience comfortable yet again. But the best part of increasing the air-flow is that it will also significantly increase the size of your vape clouds. Technically speaking, your atomizer will allow more air to go over your coils, which means your pen will be able to create more vapor more quickly. Pretty neat.

Buy The Right E-Juice in Fort Lauderdale

And finally, to make sure you are getting the most out of your vape pen, you will need to get the right e-juices. As you probably already know, most e-liquids are a blend of the two basic components:

  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

PG is responsible for the flavor and the throat hit, whereas VG provides the vapor. This basically means that you need to look for juices that are high in VG in order to increase the vapor production and create bigger vape clouds.

NOTE: E-liquids with 100% VG ratio exist, and these are perfect for producing huge, thick vape clouds, but these usually don’t taste very good, which means you will be trading flavor for big clouds. Are you ready to make that kind of a sacrifice?