We, at Smokey News, know there are some serious vapers amongst our loyal readers and customers, and what better way to become a pro vaper then to learn how to make vape oil yourself. Creating your own vape juice flavors and blends is just as fun as it is useful. Most experienced vapers don’t consume regular stock oils but prefer getting creative and making their own custom vape liquids.

So, are you ready to learn how to make vape oil? Here’s a detailed yet comprehensive guide on how to make vape juice in just 5 easy steps! But first things first. Here are some of the basics when it comes to ingredients and supplies.

Common supplies and utensils needed for mixing include:

  • plastic bottles (preferably with childproof caps)
  • common syringes
  • some napkins (tissues will do just fine)
  • gloves
  • protective goggles

Most common vape liquid ingredients:

  • propylene glycol (PG)
  • vegetable glycerol (VG)
  • distilled water (some use vodka instead)
  • various flavors
  • nicotine liquid

Ok, now that we have all