We, at Smokey News, know there are some serious vapers amongst our loyal readers and customers, and what better way to become a pro vaper then to learn how to make vape oil yourself. Creating your own vape juice flavors and blends is just as fun as it is useful. Most experienced vapers don’t consume regular stock oils but prefer getting creative and making their own custom vape liquids.

So, are you ready to learn how to make vape oil? Here’s a detailed yet comprehensive guide on how to make vape juice in just 5 easy steps! But first things first. Here are some of the basics when it comes to ingredients and supplies.

Common supplies and utensils needed for mixing include:

  • plastic bottles (preferably with childproof caps)
  • common syringes
  • some napkins (tissues will do just fine)
  • gloves
  • protective goggles

Most common vape liquid ingredients:

  • propylene glycol (PG)
  • vegetable glycerol (VG)
  • distilled water (some use vodka instead)
  • various flavors
  • nicotine liquid

Ok, now that we have all that we need for mixing up our own custom vape juice, let’s get crackin’!

custom vape

Phase 1: Nicotine Preparation

Preparing the nicotine levels for your vape oil can be a bit tricky as this process is all about volume and percentage, which means you will be putting your math knowledge to the test. If you are a beginner, we recommend going with several iterations with nicotine levels ranging from 8 to 24mg, so you can realize which strength works best for you.

In order to achieve the desired nicotine percentage for your e-liquid, you need to take into consideration that you are using diluted nicotine, which means the main numbers for your equation will include:

  • the strength of the diluted nicotine expressed in milligrams
  • the overall amount of vape oil you are planning to make

Search online for the most popular online e-juice calculators, that can help you a lot!

Note: Potential overkills when it comes to the amount of nicotine can indeed turn your oil into a disaster, so we, at Smokey News, recommend you calculate your desired percentage, and then go with a little less than the number the equation provided you with. You can always add more of it later on, according to taste.


Phase 2: Preparing Flavors

You should be careful here because this phase can indeed make or break your efforts. However, it IS the most fun part.

Making new blends by mixing several different flavors can very much depend on one’s skills and experience, so for those who are still new to the art of mixing flavors, we recommend going with one or two flavors for your first try, and later on, you can go nuts with it.

Main pointers:

  • Again, mix in a little less flavor than the amount recommended by the online vape oils calculator
  • Once the first steeping is over, perform a flavor vape test and then go from there
  • Adding over 10% of the flavoring agent is usually not recommended

Phase 3: Base Preparation

The vegetable glycerol (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) ratio depends on the recipe according to which you are making your vape oil, but the recommended blend usually goes anywhere from 50/50 to 80/20.

Phase 4: Mixing the Blend

Once everything is up and running, it is time to mix things up a bit, and by “mix things up a bit” we mean to shake your bottle very thoroughly so that the ingredients are properly blended together. If you’ve chosen the high VG ratio, we recommend shaking even more as these juices are quite thick.

Phase 5: The Steeping Process (Optional)

Although you can choose not to steep, our Smokey News crew has always been pro-steeping! It simply provides your vape oil with additional taste richness. Of course, you can (and should) try out your blend before the steeping process to see if you like it that way.

Steeping basically means leaving your e-liquid to sit in a dark, cool place (with the bottle cap off) and wait for, well as long as one wants, before using it. According to some vape aficionados, the longer you wait, the finer the taste will be. Some wait for several days, some, however, opt for the steeping period of up to several months.

It really is up to you and your own palate.

We really hope you found our how to make vape oil article useful. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how your own vape oil making efforts played out. And if you’re interested in purchasing, visit Smokey News vape shop.

Vape on.