Many cigar enthusiasts and smokers often overlook the fact that having a reliable and quality lighter is the most important accessory that they can purchase. Because when the time comes that you want to enjoy your favorite smoking hobby and your cheap cigarette lighter does not work, it can be very frustrating. So spend the extra money on a quality lighter from a reliable company that you can refill and use for a long time. Here is an overview of how to refill a butane lighter.

  1. Buy quality butane. This is one of the most important tips that will keep your quality lighter working for a long time. Cheap butane does not burn as clean and can impact how the internal mechanisms work. Butane quality is determined by the number of times it has been refined, so the higher the number, the better the quality.
  2. First, locate the refill nozzle and flame adjustment screw. You will want to completely empty the fuel chamber before refilling. Making sure to purge all the remaining butane and air from the lighter by depressing the refill nozzle. Doing this will prevent air bubbles from remaining in the tank when you refill it.
  3. Turn the flame adjustment screw all the way towards the minus sign (-) to shut off the fuel flow. With the refill nozzle pointing up, insert the can of fuel directly into the nozzle pointing down. Allow the tank to fill completely.
  4. Let your lighter sit until the fuel reaches room temperature again. Then you can open the flame adjustment valve by turning the screw in small increments towards the plus sign (+) and light your lighter.

Easy as that and your lighter is refilled and ready to use. So be sure to invest in a quality lighter and it will pay you back over time. If you are looking for the best place to pick up a quality lighter, Smokey News vape shop in Fort Lauderdale carries some of the best brands like Colibri, Vector, Bic and Zippo. You will also find just about anything you need for your smoking enjoyment at Smokey News!