Storing Cigars

Just like there’s more than one way to cut a cigar, there is more than one way to store them. Often wine lovers will store their cigars in their climate-controlled wine cellars. Of course, there’s also the classic humidor method. If you do not have either of these options available, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to keep your cigar from drying out. 

The way you store your cigar can either enhance or ruin your smoking experience, as experts may know. Storing cigar has everything to do with humidity and temperature. 

For those just looking for an occasional smoke, the main purpose of storing your cigar correctly is to prevent dry smoke and keep the bold flavor of your cigar alive. Under humidified cigars often crack and burn faster, leading to a displeasing smoke.

Even if you only plan to smoke just a few times a year, having some careful consideration about storage can make the difference between an enjoyable smoking experience and an unbalanced burn. Plus, if you only save smoking for special occasions, you want to make your moment count.

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Not only will our team help you find the most suitable stogie, but we will also tell you how to best store your cigar and how to keep cigars fresh. We make sure to give you the most optimal smoking experience. 

How to Keep Cigars Fresh

Basically, to keep cigars fresh, the stogie must be stored in a proportional climate like wherever made it. If you live in an alternative climate with little humidity or cold weather, proper storage can seem a bit daunting. When storing cigars, it can feel a bit like the goldilocks method, the climate has to be just right.

How Long Do Cigars Last?

In terms of the actual smoke itself, a stogie can last 40 minutes to a couple of hours for a good smoke. If stored properly, your cigar can last you over one month.

Cigar Humidity

The recommended temperatures and humidity for storing cigars have shifted a bit throughout the years since the eighties. Cigar experts used to suggest cigar humidity at 65%-75% while at a temperature of 22℃ to 25℃. 

The recommended cigar humidity is now at 70%, while the ideal temperature has dropped from 20℃ to 22℃. You may be wondering why temperature and humidity are so essential. The answer is because it is crucial for proper cigar storage. 

Too Much Humidity

If stored at above 72% humidity, cigars begin to sweat. When a cigar sweats, it expands, leaving the thin wrapper to break. In the worst cases, mold can grow inside an over a humidified cigar. 

Besides, cigars that have been over-exposed to humidity develop a displeasing taste. It is also more difficult to keep overly moist cigars lit. This can lead to the chance of having trouble with burning your cigar or having to relight your cigar. 

Not enough Humidity

While on the flip side, an under-humidified cigar has a much faster smoke. While being a waste of money, it ruins the possibility of fresh smoke. A good rule of thumb is to base humidity on temperature.

For example, a recommended formula would be each degree the temperature is lowered, add one degree of moisture.

 While developing a collection of cigars, you will want to note where they are made to identify guidelines based on the origin because some cigars could thrive in a slightly drier climate.

How to Maintain a Consistent Humidity and Temperature

Now that you know the basics of why it is important to maintain consistent humidity and temperature of your cigar, you may be wondering what the best storage cigar methods are. 

If you were to buy a cigar then walk outside and immediately smoke it, you would have an optimal smoking experience. However, this is probably not the way you want to enjoy your stogie. 

Storing Cigars in Humidor

The reason why an optimal smoking experience could occur right after you purchase your cigar from a shop is that the stogie was most likely stored properly in a humidor. A humidor is an airtight box that can mimic the climate of wherever a cigar was manufactured.   

Storing cigars in humidor conditions is the most accurate approach because humidors can be altered to your cigar preferences. Whether quantity and type, you can adjust your humidor to stabilize moisture. Humidors are typically made of cedar or mahogany that keep moisture levels consistent.

Cost of Humidor

You can find a humidor for cheap, but humidors can cost you a few hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand for the best quality. You typically want to buy a humidor larger than the number of cigars you wish to store. Storing cigars in humidor conditions will allow your cigars to be housed in the most pristine environment. 

Alternative Storing Cigar Methods

If you are not yet ready to invest in the immaculate conditions of a humidor, there are some alternatives smokers can take advantage of to maintain their tobacco. Alternative methods can be the most costly and ideal for occasional smokers or those on the go. Perhaps you have been gifted a stogie or bought one spontaneously. 

Cigars do not last very long. When you buy one, it should come sealed to preserve the moisture and cigar humidity. Sealed cigars will only stay fresh for up to a week. You can also store your cigar in a plastic bag for a few days without additional humidity.

Cedar Wood Humidor for Cigar Storage

How to Keep Cigars Fresh Without a Humidor 

  • Place your cigars in a sealable plastic container or plastic bag.
  • Wet a sponge and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Add the wrung-out sponge to the bag or container.
  • Seal your container.

When cigars are stored this way, they can last from a month to even a year. However, experts recommend a humidor for storage that exceeds one month. 

It’s that easy to mimic humid conditions and keep your cigar fresh. You will want to use one regular size sponge for about 25 cigars. If you plan to store less, cut up the sponge into smaller bits. 

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Whether you plan to utilize a humidor or opt for the beginner’s plastic bag tip, find your perfect cigar at Smokey News. Reach out to us with any questions you may have on storing or finding the perfect stogie properly.