Incense sticks are the perfect choice for feeling relaxed, as a fresh smell wafts through your home and calms your senses. But how do you use incense? This blog will answer all your questions, whether you are wondering how to light incense or if you’re simply trying to find a place that supplies incense sticks near me.

Firstly, let’s find out the actual benefits are of burning incense.

What Is Incense Made Of?

Before setting alight to incense sticks, the first thing many people like to know is: what is incense made of? To put it simply, incense sticks are aromatic materials set alight to create a scented smoke that wafts around your room. Usually, these sticks are made of bamboo or incense itself. 

There are many different types of incense sticks around. The two most popular types are cored incense sticks and solid incense sticks. But if you’re wondering, what is incense made of? You’ll get a different answer for both. 

Cored Incense Sticks 

With this type, although the stick is not incense, it is covered in a thin layer of the fragrance, with only a small part at the bottom that does not have this layer. This usually emits a stronger aroma than other types.

When used, the smell of the burning stick and the smell of the burning fragrance combine together to create a wonderful calming scent.

Solid Incense Sticks 

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Solid incense sticks are slightly different. These sticks are 100% made of incense material. This makes it easier to break apart into small manageable pieces. These sticks also emit a lighter scent, mainly due to the burning wood not being present in this one. This makes it perfect for small spaces, like your bedroom, for example. 

Before we discuss how to use them, it’s best to know what you’ll need to prevent any problems from occurring. 

Using a Good Holder

In order to learn how to light incense effectively, using a good holder will make this process so much easier. Holders used for incense burning are necessary to keep the incense firmly in place. Otherwise, burning them could become dangerous and result in a fire. When picking the right holder (commonly referred to as censers), there are a few things to think about, especially as censers can vary in size and shape. 

After you’ve decided on what incense to use, whether it be cored or solid, a special holder is required depending on the type. However, if you like the idea of making one instead, then we’ll also cover what you’ll need.

Cored – Typically for these types of incense, a holder called a ‘boat’ is often used. This consists of a long piece of wood, ceramic, or metal that is quite thin. All of which have a hole on either end of the material to place the incense. A groove is usually seen in these as it catches any ashes that fall off when using them. 

Solid – Unlike the cored version, the solid one cannot be used with a wooden holder. Solid sticks burn the entire way, so they will most likely catch fire to any flammable surface. Therefore, it’s recommended to either buy a censer that has sand, rice, salt, or grain to stick the incense into. Otherwise, you can make one yourself.

Hybrid holders – Many censers have been designed to accommodate both solid and cored incense. Many of these come in various shapes and styles that help add to the aesthetic of incense burning.   

Now let’s look at how to burn incense without any issues.

Step By Step Guide On How to Burn Incense

To begin, you’ll need to find the right location. When understanding how to use incense, you’ll need a well-ventilated room and a place that isn’t near any flammable materials. The reason for this is due to the incense sticks producing a considerable amount of smoke when in use. However, try to avoid areas where there’s a draft. Wind can carry the smoke and potentially cause a hazardous situation. 

Here is the part where you’ll find out how to light incense properly. Now, by using a match or a light, attempt to light the tip of the incense. Be careful when lighting cored ones, as one end is only for placing it into a holder.

Allow it to burn for about 10 seconds. If you notice the flame going out, don’t worry. Check to see if the tip of the incense is glowing. If so, you won’t need to relight it. However, if the tip isn’t glowing ember, then you’ll need to light it again. 

Once 10 seconds have passed, it’s time to carefully blow out the flame unless it’s only glowing. The incense will begin to produce pleasant smells and smoke after roughly half a minute has passed. If nothing happens after this time frame, relight the incense and start over. 

Carefully place the incense into the holder you’re using. As previously discussed, some holders are only suitable for cored incense rather than solid ones. Therefore, ensure the correct holder is used. 

Most holders will hold the incense vertically or at a tilted position. If tilted, make sure the holder covers the entire length of the incense to catch any falling ash. Different size holders are common, so it’s best to be cautious when doing it for the first time. 

And that’s every step you’ll need to know when figuring out how to burn incense. 

Incense Sticks Near Me

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How to Use Incense Correctly

Sometimes, it’s a great idea to burn incense and other times when it’s not so much of a good idea. For example, using incense as an air freshener is a great idea.

If there is a bad smell in your house, using an incense stick will hide that smell very well for some time. However, please bear in mind that it only hides the smell and doesn’t completely eliminate it. As incense only lasts a short amount of time, you will soon be back to smelling the foul stench that you are trying to hide unless it has passed. 

Quick Tip: Find the source of the smell and get rid of it to get back to having a pleasant smelling home once more.

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Benefits of Burning Incense

People have been using incense for thousands and thousands of years. It’s no surprise that there is a range of different benefits of burning incense.

There is nothing better than relaxing or meditating after a long day at work. Incense sticks can really help you achieve this blissful and serene state of mind quicker, thanks to the smooth aromas that they bring.

One of the other benefits of burning incense is its healing properties. These benefits range from easing headaches, reducing stress and anxiety, to even helping you sleep better at night.

Get Incense Burning Today

Now that you know how to use incense sticks, it’s time to burn them and soak in all the delightful aromas while feeling more calm and relaxed than ever before.

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