What is a vape pod? If you haven’t been to a vape shop before, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the vape lingo that has constantly developed in the past few years. This can be especially true if you are new to vaping, but the people around you have been in the game for a while now.

Fortunately, the team here at Smokey News has prepared this article about vape pods just for you. How to use a vape pod? What are the benefits of using one? Why should you opt for such a device? Is it something you invest in, to begin with?

Read on to find out.  

What Is a Vape Pod? 

Let’s start with the basics. A vape pod is a specific type of vaping device that has its own dedicated battery and sports a vape pod instead of a traditional vape tank. Even though it sounds a bit different, the pod has a similar function as the tank, holding the e-liquid and the coil. Still, vape pods are sealed units, often coming with non-replaceable coils. Others come with pre-filled vape juice.

The different types of vape pods have become really popular, primarily because of the fact that they are extremely easy to use. Essentially, they are the “plug and play” equivalent of vaping. 

How to Use a Vape Pod? 

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Originally, vape pods were intended for those smokers who wanted to switch to vaping. As such, the entire mechanism looks like pretty much smoking a cigarette. You just simply insert the vape pod into your vape pen, take the pen, put it into your mouth, and inhale. You will want to recharge the device when needed with the help of a charger.

And even though they are easy to use, a wide range of different pod styles has emerged in the market, some of them sporting pretty advanced features for a simple pod design.

Vape Pod Benefits

Now that you know what these pods are and how you should use them, let’s talk about the benefits they bring to the table if you are considering getting one yourself. 

In our humble opinion, here are the most apparent advantages of these vape types:

They Are Convenient

As hinted above, they were designed with convenience in mind. They are most vapers’ go-to choice for a night out. Filling up the pen is easy, changing the coil is also a breeze, and replacing the pod is also a walk in the park.

Ease of Use

There are little to no settings. The pod is more straightforward to handle than the tank. Still, you have a few advanced pods out there with a few exciting features, but they are still easy and convenient to use. 

Leak-Proof Design

While it’s true that no e-cig can actually be totally leak-proof, the different types of vape pods come with designs where the leakage of vape juice is kept to a minimum.

Adequate Nicotine Hit

If you want more kick and a throat hit, you won’t forget to put your vape tank away and get yourself a killer vape pod. You’ll notice the difference. 

Something Close to Home

As mentioned above, pods are designed to simulate the sensation of smoking cigarettes closely. This can be a great substitute if you just want to kick your smoking habit and start vaping. 

Types of Vape Pods – Closed vs. Open Tank Designs

So far, we’ve explored the benefits of these pods and covered their general usage. To this point, we’ve talked about pods more or less generally, and now, it’s time to get specific.

First, vape pods can be divided into two subsections: closed and open systems. Both come with unique advantages and possible drawbacks and cater to different kinds of vape users. 

Open-Tank Vapes

The most straightforward way to describe open-tank vape systems is to think of the regular vape setup. It’s the shape of a pod with a set of tweaks to make its use more straightforward and more convenient. 

In an open-tank system, you can simply refill the vape juice and change the coils the same way you would in the case of a traditional tank. The difference is that the coils will usually be push fit, and the filling process will be much easier. 

For the most part, open-tank systems are the go-to choice for already established vapors who prefer the convenient touch of vape pods in everyday use.

Closed-Tank Vapes

These are smaller pods that require even less maintenance. Closed systems are precisely what you might assume: closed vape pods, where the pod is sealed, meaning that you can’t be able to change the coils, and most come with the e-liquid already in them. 

This means that when you run out of e-juice or the coil stops doing its job, you will need to replace the entire pod rather than refilling the juice and replacing the coils. These usually come with simple batteries and fixed wattage outputs, so you won’t have to change any settings. 

The easiness and convenience of these systems usually make closed vapes the best choice for those switching from cigarettes or just getting into the vape game for the first time.

Vape Juice for Vape Pods – Exploring Your Best Options

Woman Using Vape Pod

Now that you have a better understanding of how vape pods work, how to use them, and how the hardware differs, let’s talk a bit about vape juice. Which are the best options for the different types of vape pods? For the most part, the answer will depend on the type of pod you own or are planning to get. 

If you are thinking about getting a pod that sports lower temperatures and higher resistance coils, or this will be your first encounter with vaping, we recommend something with more nicotine, like nic salt. Also, you might want to opt for something thinner, which will wick through the coils easier to avoid dry hits. 

On the other hand, if you have a pod with sub-ohm coils and high power, you want something low-strength and high VG. 

Still, finding the perfect vape juice will be different for everybody. Experts recommend something that tastes excellent, isn’t too thin or overly thick, and wicks great. Usually, something with a 50:50 VG: PG ratio will do the trick, as well as simple and consistent flavors. 

Are Vape Pods for You? 

As mentioned above, the different types of vape pods were intended for those who wanted to switch from cigarettes to vape or for those vapers looking for a no-fuss experience. 

Typically, they will be the best choice for first-time vapers, as their usage is easy as pie. 

The latest vape pods will probably appeal to cloud chasers and advanced vapers to try out the best that the pod market offers. And even if technology has evolved, vape pods have come a long way. Some of them have pretty advanced features, but the core functions are still pretty much the same. 

Lastly, closed systems are probably the best for new vapers, while open vape pods are more geared toward vapers with a bit more experience. 

Want to Learn More? 

Still wondering what kind of pod you should buy? Need help with choosing vape juice? Feel free to visit us, and we’ll happily hook you up with the best gear for your needs.