If you are new to the smoking game, all the things you might see can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. Cigars, cigarettes, vaporizers, pipes… A whole new world for you to discover.

You’ve read up on hookahs, but you might still be wondering: “Is flavored hookah harmful?”

Is it harmful? It depends. Everything can be harmful if overdone, so moderation is always key.

There are a few things that are beneficial compared to cigarette smoking:

Less problem with your teeth

Dentistry IQ reports that compared to cigarettes, hookah smoking is better for overall oral health. Why? Because hookah tobacco is manufactured differently, it does not stain your teeth like cigarette tobacco would.

So, this means less dental bills if you are conscious about your white smile and can serve as a more sensible alternative to cigarettes.

… And less smell too

No matter how much we like cigarettes and the whole world of smoking, some people find the heavenly smell of cigarette smoke offensive. If you are looking for an alternative with a fresher smell, opt for hookah tobacco! It’s made with a combination of tobacco, sweetener, and fruit. This mixture makes for a better alternative if you are bothered by the smell.

Now, you may be wondering: “Where can I buy a hookah?”

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