There are many cities in the nation where it is getting harder and harder to find places to vape. A lot of this stems from the fact that many cities are plainly lumping vaping in with the no-smoking laws. But a bigger part comes from legislature-happy politicians that are trying to put a control on everything. Let’s look at some of the cities that are making it hard for people to vape.


San Diego, California has pretty much abolished public vaping. Unlike Hawaii, vapers are still permitted to use their eCigs on the beach, but that is pretty much the extent of where public vaping lands. You can’t even use you vape in surround casinos in the area. This is no surprise considering California, along with New York, where the first major states to start cracking down on cigarettes back in the day. So I guess in theory this makes them the trend setters.


Manchester, New Hampshire is one of the cities that is taking “no-vaping” to the extreme. Much like smoking, they have banned vaping in almost all public places including restaurants, bars, workplace, and retail stores. That’s right, this also includes eCig shops. Not that you have too much to worry about on that front, seeing how Manchester only has three eCig stores to date.


Tempe, Arizona was the first city in the state of Arizona to ban eCigs in public places, including eCig stores near you. But, over the years since the law was passed, store owners and bar owners seem to overlook the occasional vaper, as long as they are not being too obnoxious about it. Surround cities tried to implement their own bans on eCigarettes, but it never really went too far, and is pretty much left up to the discretion of the store owner.


New York City has put their stamp on the anti-vaping laws as well. Right now, the only public places you can vape is in eCig retail stores. But that may be going along the wayside as well, seeing how New York politicians are trying to change that as well.


Vaping as a whole isn’t dead by a long shot, but you need to be informed. Know your cities vaping regulations to make sure you are keeping things legal. If you are one of the lucky people that don’t live in a city where the vaping regulations are out of control, act now. Because people like you can help the suffering cities in their fight to loosen up the restrictions on vaping. Vapers need to stand together if you truly want people to see what this activity is all about.