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13 Most Expensive And Stunning Glass Pipes In The World

If you want a quick and powerful high, a glass pipe will do the trick. In fact, you can use just about anything to create a glass pipe without breaking the bank. However, some dry herb consumers have expensive taste and don’t mind paying thousands of dollars to get stoned. From a gold-encrusted skull to 6-ft-tall glass, here are the thirteen most expensive glass pipe in the world that prove getting high is priceless.

1. Scott Deppe’s Gold-Encrusted Skull Glass Pipe

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If you have $100,000 to spare, then that’ll earn you Scott Deppe’s skull glass pipe. In fact, this glass pipe has gold encrusted dry herb leaves. Not to mention, it’s so extravagant that no one has dared to try and outshine its glory.

2. RooR Skull Gun

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Can you imagine smoking out of this? Not only is it huge, but it’s probably the most expensive thing you will ever hold in your hands. To be exact, the RooR Skull Gun costs a whopping $90,000.

3. Pirate Ship Builder

13 Most Expensive

This glass pipe looks like something that Jack Sparrow would gladly hit. Also, it’s so detailed that it’s hard to say how you even smoke it. No need to think about it too long, though. The Pirate Ship Builder is $30,000 bucks, and likely won’t be holding your bud anytime soon.

4. Adam Whobrey X Steve Hops Hot Rod Bubbler

13 Most Expensive 4

Do you remember playing with Hot Wheels as a child? If so, this bubbler will give you a flashback to the good ole days. However, this particular $20,000 hot rod is a lot more expensive than the toy cars you’re used to playing with from the store.

5. Scott Deppe’s Take Me 2 The Mothership

13 Most Expensive 5

Mushrooms, aliens, pot leafs and plenty of colors. What more could you want? Perhaps $20,000, because that’s how much you need to score this beauty.

6. ROOR Excalibur

13 Most Expensive 6

Rather than sitting down to get high, you can stand up and blaze with this 6-foot glass pipe. The name, in particular, comes from King Arthur’s legendary sword and supposedly has magical powers. You better hope so, it retails for $15,000. Yikes.

7. Scott Deppe’s Grateful 4 Mushrooms

13 Most Expensive 7

As can be seen, this glass pipe screams Grateful Dead. In fact, it screams a lot more than that with its mushrooms and rainbows. And for a brutal $14,251 bucks, you can hit this trippy device.

8. ME Glass X Blitzkriega Balloon Giraffe

13 Most Expensive

A balloon giraffe animal/glass pipe? Shut-the-front-door. If a clown could put together this together, he or she would make some serious dough. Unfortunately, not many people have $7,000 in their pockets. Still, you can at least dream of such a thing.

9. Burtoni & Euphoria “Squid Chopper” Hybrid

13 Most Expensive 9

Being that this $7,000 glass pipe does indeed include both a squid and helicopter all in one product, the name couldn’t be more fitting.

10. Killadelph Custom Triple Coil Beaker w/ Collin’s Pyramid Perc and Matching Showerhead Ash Catcher

13 Most Expensive new

Unlike most glass pipes, this one consists of black glass rather than clear. Not to mention, its triple coils makes it worth more than the asking price of $6,800.95.

11. Hitman Glass Sandblasted Sundae Stack Torch Tube

13 Most Expensive 11

You need this $6,000 glass pipe in your life. Not only does it have a sealed off chamber for butane, but it also comes with its own torch within the glass. Also, it has five separate chambers.

12. Dosa – Reticello Dab Rig w/ Quav

13 Most Expensive 12

This $6,000 glass pipe may look simple, but its design is what makes it stand out. Just look at the gorgeous colors.

13. Robin Hood Glass Triceratops Bubbler

13 Most Expensive 13

When it comes to badass rigs, this $4,600 glass pipe is one of the best around. After all, dinosaurs are just plain awesome.


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