When it comes to vape and e-juice, two terms often pop up: VG and PG. These are scentless liquids. When they are combined with nicotine and flavor, the result is vape juice. 

Vapers often find themselves putting the two options against each other and ask themselves, “What should I choose?” It all comes down to VG vs PG vape juice. The main difference between VG and PG is how fast it wicks, but we will dive into that later. If you are wondering what the best e liquid store near me, you’ve come to the right place.

E Liquid PG vs VG

You can drastically improve your vape experience by having some background information and understanding the difference between VG and PG. As a smoker, you may have to decide what kind of vape juice you want to use. If you are unsure, keep reading for the best tips and tricks to consider while finding what vape juice ratio will suit your needs. 

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Uncovering VG vs PG

We already know that combining nicotine, flavors, and either Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol creates e-liquid. However, some other important factors can give you an overview of what the two exactly are.

  • Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol are sugar alcohols. They are non-intoxicating, even though they are classified in the alcohol chemical class. VG and PG are actually included in other consumable products besides e-juice. 
  • The chemicals are relatively safe and approved by the FDA for ingestion. The two chemicals are considered food-grade. 
  • When either chemical is heated, the heat creates smoke or vapor, making the substances a popular option for vapes. However, the different chemicals are inconsistent with one another. They create a different smoke in terms of taste and cloud thickness. 
  • As you may know, smoking oils can cause medical issues. Thankfully, PG and VG are not oils in any way, so inhaling them should not cause sickness.
  • In fact, most up-to-date vape juices contain a combination of PG and VG. However, the ratio of the two does vary. It is essential to note the variations depending on your preference of mouth and throat sensations.
  • You will want to consider your equipment when choosing the best PG and VG ratio because many starter kits can only tolerate a certain level of the two.

E Liquid Store Near Me

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After all, when you invest your money into a vape, don’t you want to achieve the best smoking experience possible? That’s where we come in.

Let’s dive into the details of the two chemicals. Then, we will decide for ourselves the ultimate winner of VG vs PG vape juice and what ratio is best for you.

The Difference Between VG and PG in Ratios

The thing about choosing the “best” ratio is that there is no right or wrong answer. The best ratio for you will be utterly dependent on your smoking preference and what kind of vape experience you want. 

  • If smoothness is important to you, an e-liquid ratio high in VG is your best bet. A high ratio of VG will smoke, so the vapor feels thick and cloudy in your throat. However, you should note that VG’s have a more muted flavor. You could combat the lack of flavor by using more power to produce a cloudier and fuller vapor. 
  • Do you want to stay lowkey in public? If so, you will want a ratio that allows you to stealth vape. A percentage high in PG will produce less smoke and vapor. However, you should still note areas have outlawed vaping. For example, public transportation, waiting rooms, or other indoor areas are typically a no-smoking zone.
    • Since vaping is relatively new, we want to encourage the community to vape and behave responsibly so vaping does not get a bad reputation. 
  • If you prefer the feeling of a strong throat hit, you should opt for an e liquid formula that is high in PG. In addition, ex-smokers crave the sharp back of the throat kick while smoking. PG also keeps its flavor better, so you can guarantee an edged hit.
  • Are you a cloud chaser? Cloud chasing can be a competitive activity among smokers. As the name suggests, cloud chasing is when smokers want to out-cloud other smokers. This means whoever’s vape produces the most immense cloud of vapor earns respect and wins. 
    • If cloud chasing is essential to you, a ratio high in VG is pretty much your only option. The more VG, the more cloud you will achieve while vaping. 
    • Pro-tip: Ask which formula is highest in VG. The higher the percentage, the more cloud you will create.

If you aren’t sure you know what kind of smoking experience you prefer, we suggest you try out a few options to find out. A great way to find out what type of smoke you like is to visit an e liquid store near you. In addition, we will help you find what samples are best for you to try and find the most cost-effective route for you. 

How to Find the Best Ratio

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You can easily find your PG and VG ratio sweet spot by trying out different formulas. However, you can achieve vape bliss by actually mixing your own e liquid recipes. It is safe and easy to do! By integrating your own formula, you can also save money by producing a sample size of different ratios instead of buying a whole pre-mixed container. 

There are many recipes available that can help guide you to your PG and VG sweet spot. Some key factors to consider are steeping and flavors. 

  • An e-liquid high in VG juice will take longer to steep. Steeping vape juice is the process of aging your juice. In addition, when it comes to VG juice, complex or multi-flavor routes are popular. However, complex formulas typically take longer to steep. At the same time, a PG with one flavor could be ready immediately with no steeping time. 
  • Typically, a PG formula will have suspended flavor concentrates, while a VG formula will not. You can save resources, time and reduce the risk of leaking by making unflavored formulas to start.

VG and PG vape juice basics are easy to grasp once you know what kind of smoke result you want to achieve. If this article helped you, you can share it with your friends on social media.

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