When it comes to vapes and vape shops, some people are often confused. Some of them even ask: “Where are these shops, what do they have to offer me, how vapes work, and which are the ones near me?” We ensure you, Smokey News from Fort Lauderdale offers a wide variety of different vapes, and in this article, we will introduce you to the different options you can choose from!


Vapes and vape pens work by producing a vapor that is inhaled by the user of the device. A vape pen contains a central heating component that enables it to heat up the dry herbs, wax or oil somewhere between 350 to 400 degrees. The result is vapor in its purest form. Other, conventional smoking devices often heat the materials over 1000 degrees which might burn the product and result in the inhalation of harmful toxins, which can pose several health frets.


Dry herb vape pens are probably the perfect solution for anyone who is on constantly on the go but still, wants to have the best smoking experience possible. Many of these pens can easily fit into one’s pocket or the palm of one’s hand.  With these vape pens, you can use herbs for vapor therapy, medical marijuana, or dry leaf tobacco. At our store, you can only choose from the best options, like Firefly, Pax, Seego, Atmos, Dab Marino or Grenco Science.

Apart from dry herb vapes, we also offer a wide palette of other variants. Eleaf, Total Vapor, KangerTech and Vapor Connoisseur E-liquid vapes, which offer a different experience from dry vapes.

We can also offer our customers electronic cigarettes from leading brands, such as Logic Ecig, Blu, Njoy, and Vuse.


Even if you are not really sure what to get, our vape specialists will hook you up with the perfect match, so you can enjoy using your vape pen conveniently anywhere. Whether you are looking for something that simply fits your budget or something real special and advanced, we will surely help you get it. You might be looking for a specific brand. All in all, regardless of your preference, we offer a wide palette of vape pens.

If you are going with oil concentrates or herbal wax concentrates instead of dry herbs, we are sure to find the best option for you! These vaporizer pens are perfect for anyone who lives an active life and wants to enjoy those specific oil and wax flavors.

With rechargeable batteries, wax vape pens can be used when on the road so you don’t have to look for plugs to enjoy your smoking passion. Not to mention, it is easy to carry around thanks to its compact size.

If you are new to the world of vaporizers and vape pens, after a while you will start to realize that some pens are only compatible with wax, while other types can work as herb pens or as concentrated oil vape pens. But that’s not all! There are even some pens that fancy the 3 in 1 configuration. As you can see, Smokey News offers a wide variety of different vape pens. The only thing for you to do is to visit us, and pick out the vaporizer pen which best suits your taste and style!