Over the past year vaping, and more importantly, public vaping has become a very hot-button issue. We as vapers don’t need to do anything to help push this issue further down the rabbit hole. There are simple smoking etiquette we can all do to make public vaping less intrusive to those who may take offense to vaping.



It is a common misunderstanding that because “vaping” is not smoking, that you can freely do it anywhere. That is just not true. Like all things, owners of a particular establishment of allowing and disallowing whatever they want. So before you pull out your eCig and start going to town, it takes a matter of seconds to ask if it is alright to vape while in their establishment.



This ties in with the last rule. If someone tells you that you cannot vape, don’t lose your cool and start being a jerk. Enjoy yourself, and step outside if you want to have a quick vape. You need to look beyond that you are having to go outside with the other “smokers”. It’s simply a fact that we all have to come to terms with.


While we are on the subject of being respectful. If you are in a restaurant that allows vaping, be mindful of your surroundings. Just because you are allowed to do something, doesn’t mean you should. A family enjoying a nice dinner with their children shouldn’t have to be assaulted with your Strawberry and Banana Fix ejuice you bought at a local vape store, no matter how good it might smell or taste.


Also, don’t be a know it all. Just because someone might have learned all they know about vaping from the “scare” articles flooding the internet, doesn’t mean you need to sit and tell them, “they’re wrong, and you’re right.”


The last part of this particular rule, keep the Cloud Chasing at home. Vaping is getting a very bad name right now, because people with ultra sub-ohm coils builds are blasting plumes of vapor clouds everywhere they go. If you’re a cloud chaser, great, there is nothing wrong with that. But please think about what you are doing, before matters get too much worse.


The bottom line is this; Don’t be a jerk. That may sound blunt and too much on the nose, but the actions of a few might end up hurting many more in the long run. Do what is called “stealth vaping”. You are still getting the vapor you are wanting, but doing so in a manner that doesn’t affect anyone else around you.