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In this blog post, we will go over the basics of how to set up your hookah pipe at home.

Hookahs were first used in the Middle East and since then, these traditional smoking devices have become very popular everywhere. Chances are, you’ve already had the opportunity to try one out before, during or after dinner with friends, or on your own. Have you ever wondered how can you set up one at home by yourself? Let us tell you from the start, setting up a pipe like this is nothing complicated and with this easy guide, you can enjoy that hookah-smoking experience in no time!


  • Give it a thorough cleaning – these devices need regular cleaning, so make sure to keep it in a sparkling condition. Disconnect all parts, wash them (but not the hoses, for they might not be water-safe). Use a brush to clean the difficult parts and let the pieces dry.
  • Pour cold water into the hookah –  pour water into the base unit until it covers about an inch of the metal stem as plenty of space for air will give you an easier smoking-experience. If the pipe is smaller, cover about half an inch of the stem with water. You can optionally add ice to the water. This will ensure the smoothest flavor possible.
  • Insert the shaft – the metal stem should enter the water at usually around on inch depth. Ensure the rubber piece at the top is fitted tightly and properly.
  • Connect the hoses – Always take great care with the hoses, especially when you are still learning to set up your device. Fit the hoses into the slots on the side of the shaft. Usually, you might have to hook up all of them, especially with larger models, even when smoking alone. Most importantly, never let the hoses touch the water!
  • Testing the air – After you’ve connected the hoses, put your hand on top of the hookah to block the air, while trying to inhale through a hose. If you’ve done everything right, you shouldn’t be able to pull any air.
  • Add the tray – put the metal tray on top of the hookah shaft to catch ashes and other debris


Setting up your hookah is one thing. Enjoying the experience it gives is another.

    • Choose a flavor – the tobacco used for these pipes is shisha, that comes in literally an endless array of flavors. Make sure you look for high-quality options since those give you that smooth flavor you will be looking for.
    • Break and Sprinkle – In the next step, break up the shisha and place it in the bowl. Sprinkle it around in smaller sections, since this way, it ensures the airflow is never inhibited. Fill the bowl to the top.
    • Cover the bowl – Using aluminum foil, cover the bowl, and poke a few holes in the foil with a sharp object, and put the bowl on top of the hookah assembly.
    • Light the charcoal – light on or two pieces of the charcoal using an open flame and let them flare down to red coals. When they are ready, move them with tongs to the foil covering the bowl.


  • Enjoy – inhale through the hose with slow and normal breaths. Sit back and enjoy!


Make sure you clean your smoking device so you can enjoy the smoking experience it gives you for years to come.