The holidays are over and hopefully you got everything you wanted on your list like a new water pipe or some of your favorite cigars. For smoking enthusiasts, having the best equipment for your hobby is essential for getting the most enjoyment that you can out of it. While many people are focused on the equipment for their favorite type of smoking, the accessories can play a huge role as well. Here are some of the best smoking accessories in Fort Lauderdale that you should consider investing in now that you got an upgrade.


For those that enjoy hookah and are looking to enhance their experience, Smokey News carries the best accessories and replacement parts. Customizing your hookah and utilizing the right accessories can greatly enhance your smoking pleasure. Evaluate your accessory needs and consider some of these:

    • Charcoal heaters– instead of using a torch or lighter to heat up your hookah charcoal, hookah charcoal heaters run on either electric or butane. Quick, easy and reliable, this accessory really comes in handy and you don’t have to worry about your lighters being empty again.
    • Foil Sheets– household aluminum foil can work but if you really want the best experience you can get, using hookah-friendly foil sheets is the way to go. Often times hookah foil sheets are thinner than household aluminum foil, which allows for a better distribution of heat.
    • Hoses– upgrading your hookah hoses can make you more comfortable while enjoying your favorite tobacco. Longer and more durable hoses will allow you to sit wherever you’d like and enjoy.
  • Stems and Mouthpieces

Vape and E-Liquids:

When it comes to vaping, the choices of what materials to vape are e-liquids, dry herbs, waxy substances or oils. Choosing the right one ultimately depends on user preference and what type of materials they are looking to smoke. Whatever your choice is, upgrade your device with some of these items.

  • Tanks
  • Coils– quality heating coils that are reliable can make all the difference after you have put some heavy use on your vaporizer.
  • Batteries– upgrading your batteries can be the biggest help for those that go a long time in between charges. There is nothing worse than having a dead vape and no place to charge it.
  • E-liquids– do your research and find the companies that offer the best ingredients in their liquids. Cheap ingredients can leave your coils dirty and taste grimy. Quality ingredients will not only allow your vaporizer to work better but you will also enjoy the quality and flavor of the vapor a lot more.

Smoking Accessories:

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or like to enjoy other dry herbs, having the right accessories can truly make your smoking experience so much better. For those traditional smokers, here are some useful accessories you need to own.

    • Lighters– owning a quality and dependable lighter is crucial. You would hate to find yourself in a situation where you just sit down to enjoy a smoke and your lighter stops working.
    • Detox products– if for some reason you need to remove the smoking materials from your body, having quality detox products to use can really save the day.
    • Cigar cutters– invest in a sharp cigar cutter because you don’t want to ruin one of your favorite cigars with a dull blade.
  • Stash boxes
    • Grinders– a good grinder can truly enhance your smoking experience whether you are smoking tobacco or other dry herbs. There are several great brands like Santa Cruz Shredder, SharpStone and Compton Grinders.
  • Deodorizers
  • Rolling papers

For the best smoking equipment and accessories, head to Smokey News smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale. Our smoke shop carries everything from the top brand glass pipes to high-end cigars and everything in between.