So, the time has finally come that you want to upgrade the way you enjoy your smoking hobby. You’ve been wanting to purchase a glass pipe for a while and now you are finally ready to take that step! Well, there is some good news and bad news about this decision you have come to. The good news is that there are seemingly endless options from numerous reputable companies and artists on the market. The bad news is that making the choice of which one to buy can be overwhelming (which is a good problem to have).

The best way to begin narrowing down your choice is by doing some research on your own. Hit up an online forum or two and find out what other smoking enthusiasts recommend and advise to stay away from. The next step you should take is to head to a glass pipe shop to talk with experts on the subject matter and check out some of the pipes available in person to get a better idea of what you may be interested in. Smokey News in Fort Lauderdale is the best glass pipe shop in south Florida because of the selection of smoking products and their knowledgeable and friendly staff. There are several types of glass pipes available to choose from so here is a brief overview of the five main types.

Types of Glass Pipes


Also known as hand pipes, chillums are the most basic setup of pipes and is basically a glass tube where users pack one end with their smoking material, apply the flame and inhale from the opposite end. Because of their simplicity, chillums have a few drawbacks like having no carburetor and that the size only allows for small amounts of tobacco or herbs at a time.


The next step up for glass pipes are spoons, which feature a carburetor, unlike chillums. The carburetor is a small hole that allows users to inhale the fresh smoke very quickly, which is important because the smoke goes stale extremely fast. Smokers will agree that carburetors are a great feature to have on any glass pipe.


With a slightly more complex setup, steamrollers can be great devices for those that are willing to practice a bit with them. Most have small chambers in between the bowl and mouthpiece that allow the smoke to be “rolled” to enhance cooling. Steamrollers have an unfavorable reputation for hard, hot pulls by those who don’t know how to use them.

Sherlock/Gandolf Pipes

The names of these pipes speak for themselves. Nothing fancy in the design other than the aesthetics. These and the ones mentioned above produce unfiltered smoke that can taste harsh to novice smokers because of the tar and resins in the smoke.  

Bubblers/Water Pipes

For those that are looking for the absolute best smoking experience should consider purchasing one of these pipes. Bubblers are designed to filter the smoke through water to help cool it and remove some tar and resin, which makes the smoke taste significantly smoother. Warm or cold water can be used depending on the desired effect you would like to achieve (warm- more vapor, opens airways & cold- crisper, fresher smoke). Most water pipes come with a variety of special features that enhance the experience like percolators.  

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