Nowadays, there are loads of different tobacco and cannabis tech on the market, and yet, for some, rolling blunts are the best and most satisfying way to get what they crave. And, as even the best rolling papers average out at around $5 a pack, papers remain one of the go-to options when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck. 

On that note, your favorite smoking accessories shop in Fort Lauderdale got the idea to compare different brands of rolling papers for you, dear reader, to better understand the best rolling papers and your options among the popular brands on the market.

Apart from highlighting the best manufacturers, we’ll also talk a little about the different paper types in our short buying guide, so you will better understand why these brands managed to make the cut. 

The Best Rolling Papers – What You Need to Know

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Paper Types

Let’s get started with the different rolling paper types.

The Classic: All rolling papers may look the same to the untrained eye. Still, from construction to purpose, there are different brands of rolling papers catering to different needs. For instance, traditional papers are typically used for joints and cigarettes, which you roll into a shape of a cigarette and taper both ends. 

The Cone-Shaped Paper: There are also paper types that are used to make cone-shaped joints. These will have a wider opening, tapering down to a point with a crutch to keep the paper in a cone shape. Usually, these will be pre-rolled, but that’s not always the case. 

The Good Ole’ Blunt: Who could forget those old faithful blunt rolls? They are typically thicker and usually made from tobacco leaves. These will also burn a bit slower, and their nicotine content will give smokers a bit of extra buzz. They can also help with cooling the smoke, but at a price, as blunt rolls tend to be more pungent. 

Sure enough, there are more different shapes and sizes available in the market within these three categories. If you are new to the rolling game, we advise experimenting with a few different types and seeing what you enjoy the most. Once you’ve figured out your preferences, you can start exploring different rolling paper brands with a high-end edge to them. 

About Rolling Paper Materials

For the most part, rolling papers are made from hemp, rice, or wood pulp, and each of these materials comes with its own perks. For instance, rice papers aren’t that popular in damp and moist climates, as rolling them can be more difficult. But they will burn the slowest. Hemp options are usually easier to roll with medium burn time.

Go Thin

The best rolling papers are always on the thin side as they provide a more even and slower burn. Also, going with a thinner paper will ensure that you will actually be able to taste the joint since you won’t be inhaling as much paper smoke. Some will advocate extra thin papers, but those can be difficult to roll for beginners.

Use Crutches

If you want your rolled smokes to have more stability, consider grabbing some crutches too. Also, if you are after consistency, a weed grinder is always a must! And, to get the most out of the experience, some experts also recommend getting a rolling tray to have a perfect rolling surface for your pleasure. 

Play It Safe

Before getting into the best rolling paper brands, it’s important to know that the extra dollars are worth it for high-quality papers. Low-grade paper can make you cough, and rolling them will often be more difficult, not to mention they will burn pretty fast.

The Best Rolling Papers

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Vibes cater to the needs of experienced ganja users who always know what they want. Vibes sells ultra-thin hemp and rice rolling papers in various sizes, making it an ideal one-stop brand.  

The burn and the flavor are consistent; their rice papers burn especially slowly and provide unparalleled smoothness. Still, they can be a bit harder to roll. 


Excellent for beginner and expert rollers alike, Raw is a great brand for everyone who wants to roll one. With Raw, you have several size options; go for traditional and organic double-pressed hemp blends. These are widely available, cheap, and high-quality papers, making them stand out as a reliable option among the different brands of rolling papers.

Blazy Susan

If you are looking for the best rolling papers among vegan options, then we recommend going with Blazy Susan. This non-GMO, vegan paper is for smoker who wants to enjoy their passion with peace of mind. They combine flair and quality, enabling you to enjoy the true flavor of your joint. What makes Blazy Susan outstanding is its durability, meaning you won’t have any problems with surprise rips while rolling. 

Shine 24k Gold

Looking for something fancy? When looking at different brands of rolling papers, these 24k papers stand out from every crowd. Sure, under the edible gold cover, you have your quality hemp base. While it’s not the cheapest option in the bunch, it’s a fine addition for everyone who wants to up their game and show a little high-end class every now and then. 

Sackville & Co.

From 100% hemp, these papers ensure that your joints will burn evenly and slowly. They come in different colors (yellow, blue, black, and pink), adding a bit of spice and style to your passion. While not made of edible gold, these colored papers will also turn a few heads.


These papers are designed to burn almost without ash, and as such, they’re made of sugar and rice. The natural sugar gum will caramelize as you burn it without altering the taste of the smoke. These are eco-friendly options from Spain, more specifically, Alicante, or the birthplace of rolling papers. What more do you need than that? 


OCB or Odet Cascadet Bolloré have been around for a long time, and most experts consider them as one of the best rolling papers on the market. They are among the best thin papers, as the flax plant fibers are almost see-through. With a long-lasting tradition spanning several decades (the first factory opened in 1822), and worldwide recognition, you can’t really go wrong with OCB.


Chances are you’ve heard of Zig-Zag. This French brand has been around since 1906, and with over a century of tradition and experience, Zig-Zag is the route to take. Found almost in every convenience store, it’s one of the most popular options out there. 

Need More Help? 

Please keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg; there are several more high-end brands when it comes to rolling papers. If you are curious to find out more about them, feel free to reach out to us or visit Smokey News in Fort Lauderdale so we can help you understand your wants and needs better.