Part of GRAV’s vision is to normalize our industry. All manner of people – folks of every age, background, skillset, gender, style – enjoy smoking from pipes. And yet smokers are too often portrayed in stereotypical terms. Rasta colors and heady pipes are an integral part of cannabis culture, but the arc of smoking history is long. Many artistic traditions aren’t well represented in the average headshop, and many smokers want new designs for a new era in cannabis consumption.

As GRAV seeks to bring more diversity to our products, we look beyond our industry for design cues. We started doing just that with the Jane West line, using the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s for inspiration. The popularity of that collection validated our vision, so we set out to try something even bolder. Our designers turned next to one of the cradles of artistic innovation: ancient Italy. Iconic Tuscan columns became the backbone of the Arcline concept.

The Arcline family is the heaviest glass collection in history. We used the thickest, most durable tubing and added weighty capital accents to every piece. Instead of standard decals, the Arcline’s GRAV logo is embossed and flame polished as though the whole structure is carved from a block of solid glass. The Arcline Chillum is the most like an ancient column while other pipes reference Italian architectural features from fountains to basilicas. Perhaps the most striking member of the family is the Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler, an entirely new format that resembles a Renaissance dome.

GRAV products are built to be functional art. Arcline may draw upon a lengthy artistic tradition, but we had a function in mind every step of the way. The heavy glass disperses heat, softening what would otherwise be a massive hit without removing any potency or flavor. The specifications on the beaker and bubblers were dialed into the millimeter to guarantee the most filtration without risk of splashback. And the weight of an Arcline piece in your hand speaks for itself. On behalf of the entire GRAV Team, we’re proud to share this incredible new family and invite you all to hold a piece of history.