If you’re a passionate connoisseur of tobacco and similar products, then you have probably stumbled upon some terminology that might have left you confused. While terms such as grinder, pipe, and cigar are pretty self-explanatory and straightforward, tobacconist is a bit more complicated. 

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to define tobacconist services and what they do, and more importantly – it’s a fun and exciting journey through the history and origins of the tobacco industry itself. If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about your passion and hobby, this particular article might just be the perfect resource for you to begin the adventure of figuring out what exactly constitutes a tobacconist and why this profession deserves all the praise. 

What Is a Tobacconist? 

In its essence, the term tobacconist refers to a person/merchant who sells tobacco products and accessories. However, in colloquial English, the term tobacconist refers to an individual who specializes in the field of tobacco products and is an expert on the subject. So, there is a massive difference between a tobacco seller and a genuine tobacconist. 

The History Behind the Profession

The vast majority of tobacconists own their own shops. This is a tradition that originated in Great Britain during the late 15th and early 16th century and is to this day considered a niche business. In simpler terms, a typical tobacconist has to be proficient in other skills, such as accounting, management, and other business operations. 

In order to become a professional tobacconist, one must acquire certification from an organization known as Tobacco University. This particular organization is sponsored by a leading cigar manufacturer. 

The things that the tobacconist definition doesn’t reveal have to do with the proper expertise tied to this profession and what sets it apart from a typical shop that sells cigarettes and other products. 

The History Behind the Profession

A skilled tobacconist will have a broad knowledge of both tobacco and smoking accessories. In particular, a qualified professional will be able to tell you everything you need and want to know about specific varieties and the effect some of these varieties will have on your smoking experience. 

For instance, a fine, quality cigar can cost several hundreds of dollars and come in different aromas and flavors. Buying such an expensive product is typically a special moment many enthusiasts don’t want to mess up by buying something they won’t like. Fortunately, with the help of an expert, you can make the right choice without having to worry about wasting money on suboptimal decisions. 

Tobacconist Sells More Than Just Cigarettes 

One of the main things that set genuine tobacconist shops apart from others is a walk-in humidor. This is typically a room-sized enclosure within the shop that is diligently controlled for temperature and humidity. In simpler words, this enclosure is foreseen to keep tobacco products in optimal conditions at all times. 

Apart from that particular distinction, genuine shops also sell all manners of products and smoking paraphernalia, including lighters, snuff, pipes, and other collectibles. If you’re wondering “who’s the best tobacconist near me?” come by our shop and we’ll be more than happy to justify our impeccable reputation! Whether you’re looking for glass pipes, grade-A tobacco, or a new addition to your collection of premium smoking accessories – we have all the right answers!