The origins of the Hookah date back to the Mughal era and it still is widely used today, more or less in the same form. The Hookah or Huqqa is actually a water pipe that is used to smoke special, sweetened or flavored tobacco, often just referred to as Shisha. These special flavors tend to sweeten the taste and the aroma of the hookah tobacco, making it more appealing to people.

With the wide variety of flavor-options, smoking from a hookah glass pipe gained and still gains popularity. Thanks to the hookah-craze, hookah lounges are popping up all around the country in big cities. People who were never aware of this exotic pipe are now trying it and getting “hoohked” (see what we did there?) on the whole experience!

If you’re not a hookah-fan already, give this article a read, we’re going to give you the ten best hookah flavors in the world! If you happen to be well-acquainted with the hookah-culture, stay tuned, who knows, you might find something you’ve never tried before!



One of the top ten flavors is undoubtedly the blueberry muffin. The taste itself can be described as somewhat creamy and buttery, just like a muffin. It melts in your mouth while you enjoy the yummy flavor of fresh wild blueberries.

It also leaves a pleasant aroma in the room and makes for one of the finest flavors with it soothing and mild taste. On a side note, you can enjoy the enchanting muffin flavor without the added calories.



The list can’t be complete without the popular Mango! This Shisha flavor gives you back the exotic sensation of tasting the actual fruit. Unlike mint and other citrus-flavored tobacco, mango offers a sweeter taste – enhancing the overall experience.

It leaves a slightly tart taste with a delicious & punchy flavor. The mango flavor offers that coveted luscious essence of the South American – hence its popularity worldwide. Because of the intense experience, mango is mostly preferred by people who love their Shisha extremely sweet.

MANGO flavor


No list can be complete without orange! This flavor has a very strong orange essence while smoking. It sports a juicy, tangy citrus flavor with the tartness of fresh oranges. At times, the flavor might be overwhelming and intense so consider using mint if you want to give it a try.

The strong citrus taste and aroma can be extremely refreshing, intense, and rich. One thing you should keep in mind is not to overheat it because the taste can get repulsive and ruin the whole experience.

ORANGE flavor


The grape flavor is also an all-time favorite when it comes to flavored shisha. It gives a smooth yet sweet taste which will create the sensation that you are eating grapes. Most of the time, the tobacco is flavored with a mixture consisting of red, black, and green grapes.

Give it a try with mint and icy water for a unique, mild experience!

GRAPE flavor


Peach gives a sweet, fruity flavor along with a mixture of sweet and sour, making a delicious combination. This flavor can be very appetizing and strong due to its creaminess. It also has a smooth and pleasant smell that reminds many of peach tea.

Adding in just a pinch of nectarine, it can mix splendidly with flavors such as mint, vanilla, and mandarin.

PEACH flavor


Just like orange, vanilla flavor is also a must! The zest of orchid, Vanilla is a popular all-purpose flavor, and flavored tobacco is no exception! It’s almost like having vanilla ice-cream, with its creamy and silky mouthwatering flavor. All in all, Vanilla is just perfect for enriching your hookah-experience!

VANILLA flavor


Pan Rasna presents a mixture of fruity essences such as cherry, pomegranate to name a few with the added essence of mint to spice things up. The overall flavor gives a very sweet and refreshing aroma which will leave you feeling simply amazing.

PAN RASNA flavor


Who’s up for some nostalgia? As kids, all of us enjoyed chewing bubble gum and pretty much had it almost every day. What if we told you that bubble gum flavored shisha could get you back to your childhood memories? Okay, it’s not exactly the same since the taste won’t linger on after the actual smoking session. However, the essence and the flavor is spot on and simply irresistible!



A true classic! Mint provides a rejuvenating and refreshing flavor with a chill and breezy taste, especially with rose water and an ice-base. Mint is not overwhelmingly strong, and it rather gives a pleasant taste and a minty aroma.

MINT flavor


On top of the list (in this case, the bottom) is the double apple, which delivers a sweet & smooth flavor, that nothing can compare to. With its pleasant and soft aroma, it’s the definite winner!

apple flavor


Although hookah is considered to be less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, the WHO says it can be just as harming for a person’s health. The key is always: Everything in moderation.