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Top 10 Best Hookah Flavors In The World

The idea of the Hookah was invented in Mughal era, but just since then it has just been quite in the practice till today. Hookah or the Huqqa is known as a water pipe that is just used to smoke the sweetened flavored tobacco. It is just often termed as the Shisha. Flavorings just sweetens the taste and also the aroma of the hookah tobacco which just makes it somewhat more appealing to people.

Hookah is just now popular time pass for youth which is just safer than some other smoking elements but also still has got some disadvantages for the health. It is just found in the different kinds of the manners and sizes along with the endless number of the flavors. With growing craze for the hookah many of the hookah lounges have just been popping up in the various corners of big cities in this country. So below are list of top best hookah flavors just liked and also consumed by people.


Top Best Hookah Flavors include BLUEBERRY MUFFIN. It is just thick, somewhat creamy and also buttery just like some muffin. It melts in mouth just like somewhat having the fresh wild blue berries. Girls can just enjoy the blueberry muffin flavors without just worrying about calories while the boys can just enjoy taste element in flavor.

It rarely dries up your throat but just even if you feel you can somewhat sip glass of the water just to moisturize the throat and continue taking puffs. It leaves pleasant aroma in room and also provides one of finest flavors. While just smoking hookah it somewhat gives you very soothing and also the mild taste.



Top Best Hookah Flavors include MANGO. Just like the mangoes give favorable sensation even hookah got some of the exotic flavors which are just great to taste. Unlike other mint and also the citrus fruit flavors mango flavor just offers tang and also sweet taste that helps to enhance overall hookah tasting experiences.

It leaves slightly tart taste with the somewhat delicious and punchy flavor. Even smoke offers thickness. The mango flavored tobacco has t luscious essence of the South American mangoes making it just popular among smokers worldwide. Thus, it is just preferred mostly by the people who have the love for the extreme sweetness.

MANGO flavor


Top Best Hookah Flavors include ORANGE. It has got very powerful and also strong orange essence while just smoking this. It boasts juicy citrus flavor with tang and also the tartness of the fresh oranges. Orange flavor at times is just very overwhelming but at same time intense so the mint should just be used while smoking it.

The strong and citrus taste with the aroma is just extremely refreshing giving rich smoke. It just tastes sweet, somewhat intensive and also delicious without just any flaws. While you are consuming orange flavor hookah you will need to keep in mind not to heat it up a lot otherwise taste can just turn into repulsive one just making the hookah taste worse.

ORANGE flavor


Top Best Hookah Flavors include GRAPE. It is just extremely smooth with tart green grapes flavor which just once taken in the mouth feels like eating the natural fresh grapes. Grape Hookah is mixture consisting of the red grapes, the black grapes and also the green grapes.

Trying the grape hookah with the mint cold and also the ice water leaves awesome flavor in mouth which is just not very strong and also even smells somewhat good.

GRAPE flavor


Because of the sweet fruitiness along with tart and also the sour mixture makes it taste somewhat delicious. Peach flavor just seems very appetizing and also strong due to the creamy layer. It has got the smooth as well as the pleasant smell almost like peach iced tea.

It just tastes like the real peach rather than sweet candy. It even just adds flavor of the nectarine in it and can just mix very well with other flavors too such as the mint, the vanilla and the mandarin.

PEACH flavor


It is zest that is just obtained from plant of the orchid. Vanilla is just popular among the people for the sweet flavor so does vanilla flavored hookah. It just feels like having the vanilla ice-cream. This flavor is just creamy and also quiet silky that makes it just more mouthwatering.

It got very soft smoke unlike some others. Vanilla flavor considered just to be delicious on its very own, is just ideal for enriching any of the other hookah flavor.

VANILLA flavor


This flavor got original taste of the macula pan and thus can be substitute for people who love just to have pan. Pan Rasa is just wonderful and also delightful in the taste. It is mixture of the many fruity essences such as the cherry, the pomegranate and etc. along with the slight essence of the mint. The flavor just gives very sweet and also the refreshing aroma making you just feel amazing.

PAN RASNA flavor


As kid we just used to love eating the bubble gums and also even as the youth we have it whenever we just feel like. But you can just even have taste of it in the bubble gum flavor hookah which also tastes like real gum only along with the discrete taste which just stays in mouth for longtime throughout session of the hookah. The smell and essence of the flavor is just enticing and also splendid.



It is one of most rejuvenating and also the refreshing flavors providing chill and also the breezy taste to the hookah if taken with the rose water and also the ice base. Mint flavor is just considered not to be somewhat overwhelmingly strong but just giving a pleasant taste as well as the minted aroma. This has smoothing effect that just lingers for long time in mouth and savor is just very light.

MINT flavor


The greatest and also the best flavor of all flavors which just delivers sweet and also the smooth flavor. No other flavor can just be compared to the double apple flavor as it is just pleasant and also has soft aroma. It is best flavor for person having the hookah as you will just enjoy puffing it.

apple flavor

Although the hookah is just considered to be somewhat less dangerous than the cigarette smoking but just according to the WHO it can just be detrimental to person’s health same as smoking the cigarettes.

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