The festive season is finally here, which means only one thing – it is time to get some smokin’ gifts for your friends and/or yourself. If you’re looking for a cool glass pipe gift set, a vape pen, premium cigars, or you’re just searching for great gift ideas for a hookah lover, we’ve got you covered!  

Here we have a list of top 5 festive gifts that will definitely get you in the holiday mood.   

A Glass Smoking Pipeglass pipe for christmas gift

What a better way to treat yourself or your friend than with a sick glass pipe gift set? We at Smokey News offer hundreds of glass smoking pipes that will satisfy even the pickiest puffers out there. We have numerous options when it comes to groovy glassworks as we offer a wide variety of different glass pipes, including:

  • custom unique designed ones
  • waterpipes (with percolators like frittered glass)
  • tree percs
  • diffused downstems
  • gridded inline…

We also carry dab sets with dome nail setups and quartz bangers that are sure to blow your mind and up your smoke game. We offer assortment spoons and bats in various sizes, colors, and shapes as well. We recommend any of the 11 glass smoking pipe brands we have available, check them out!

A Vape Pen

girl smoking vape pen. looking very chic

You can’t go wrong with a dry herb vape pen. It is a surefire solution for anyone who is always on the go and enjoys vaping solid herbs on a daily basis. This type of quality vape pen can fit easily into almost any pocket.

With a vape pen, one can enjoy various types of vaping materials, from dry herbs used for vapor therapy to medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor, to dry leaf tobacco. Check out portable dry herb vape pens offered by these top brands at Smoking News!


christmas hookah.

We at Smokey News offer some mean gift ideas for a hookah lover such as yourself as we understand the wide and high (no pun intended) demand coming from customers looking for:

  • hookahs
  • shisha
  • hookah charcoal
  • hookah accessories

We offer a vast inventory of high quality imported Hookahs and Water Pipe products from brands like Fantasia, Hydro Herbal, Jewels, Sahara Hookah, Social Smoke, Starbuzz…


Here’s a true treat for all tobacco and premium cigars lovers out there. We offer hundreds of custom cigar blends and flavors, from various international brands, including Cohiba, Ghurka, Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente… while we are always on the hunt to bring new cigar brands to our beloved customers. See for yourself why our customers say Smokey News is “the best cigar store in Fort Lauderdale!”

Vape Juice and CBD Oil

vape and CBD oil

Another great festive gift solution is certainly vape juice. We at Smokey News are proud to inform you that we offer a tremendous selection of quality e-liquids to suit anyone’s taste. From PG to VG, to CBD – you name it!

Propylene Glycol E-Liquid
Propylene Glycol (PG) based e-liquid is the most popular type of e-cigarette liquid. It is thinner than the Vegetable Glycerin variety and is easily absorbed by the polyfill fabric inside cartomizers. This low density also means gunk is less likely to build upon the heating element of your vaporizer.

Vegetable Glycerin E-Liquid
Compared to PG, Vegetable glycerin is a much thicker solution. VG has a slightly sweet taste which also makes the e-liquid sweeter and the flavors a little difficult to detect.

CBD E-Liquid
Our CBD­rich hemp oils are among the best on the market. But don’t take our word for it, try them out and see (and feel) for yourself!