When you think of cigars, you may often think of the luxury and prestige associated with them. There are all kinds of different cigars on the market today. But with there being so many, how do you know which ones are the best in a cigar shop? Here, we have made a list of the highest quality and most expensive cigars on today’s market. 

The Origins of the Cigar

The cigar was believed to have been first invented by the Mayans in the 10th century. They would wrap the tobacco tightly in a palm leaf before smoking it. It wasn’t introduced to the west until the 15th century when Christopher Columbus discovered Mayans smoking tobacco in this way. He brought it back with him, and it soon became popular all over Europe. 

Now, over 150 million cigars are made each year. Production mainly sources tobacco and produces cigars from Central American countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. This is mainly due to the fertile land and the hot climate. 

Interesting Facts about Cigars

Most Cigar on and Glass of Wine

Before we start looking at the most expensive cigar money can buy, here are some fun facts about them:

Cigar brands didn’t come about until the 19th century. The small paper ring placed towards the top of the cigar showing the brand, is actually quite a new addition to these products. Although the stories can vary about how it all started, many believe cigars date back to the 1830s when a Dutch immigrant living in Cuba wanted to sell cigars to the European market. By adding the ring, it highlighted their worth, making them more desirable. 

Another interesting fact is that the best ones on the market are still rolled by hand. This includes many on our list that we will soon discuss. By using this method, quality is not compromised, and the result is a tasteful cigar that produces an amazing aroma. Some places even allow visitors to watch these rollers first-hand to experience the skill that goes into every one of the cigars made. 

If you’ve heard of Winston Churchill, you’d be surprised to know that he was a massive Cuban cigar smoker. At the young age of 21, he spent a couple of months in Cuba, where he picked up a lifelong habit of smoking cigars. He was seen as such an influential figure in the cigar world that one of Cuba’s top cigar brands named one of their products after him!

What Makes a High-Quality Cigar Stand Out?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a high-quality cigar and a cheap one. Expensive ones have a range of benefits that cheap beginner cigars just don’t give you. 

The most well-crafted cigars will always have great texture and a smooth flavor, as well as a strong and appealing aroma. Cigar brands will age their tobacco and the cigars themselves, waiting until exactly the right time at the best temperature before sending them to a cigar shop to be sold.

The most expensive cigar will also look and feel great when you pick one up. The tobacco will be filled from top to bottom, and have a firm, consistent feel all the way through. 

When you smoke, you will experience a precise, slow, and even burn all throughout the cigar, and the taste will not change the more you smoke it. You will know for sure that you have a high-quality cigar when you buy another one of the same make and the taste is almost exactly the same. 

High-End Ashton Cigars

Ashton cigars are known for their high-grade tobaccos that are grown exclusively in the Dominican Republic. The tobaccos are wrapped carefully in wrapper leaves to provide a truly great smoking experience, both in flavor and overall aroma.  

There is a range of Ashton cigars to choose from, some being cheaper than others. So, if you were to purchase them from a cigar shop, you’d be looking at around $3 to a whopping $23 per cigar. All of which come in different intensities. Therefore, provide an ideal option for new cigar enthusiasts or experienced ones.

Quality Davidoff Cigars

Many smoking aficionados know Davidoff cigars for their quality made in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. You can smell their signature aromas after only one puff. They are designed to provide maximum enjoyment from those smoking them. 

Davidoff cigars have a reputation for being some of the most expensive and luxurious cigars in the world. Ranging from $50 to over $100, they have different ones to suit different tastes. They even have beginner cigars for the more inexperienced smoker.

Rich Padron Cigars 

Padron cigars contain an abundance of flavors just waiting to be enjoyed. The tobacco is grown in Nicaragua and produces a dark, earthy flavor that leaves a leathery and creamy after-taste. Most of the Padron cigars use Nicaragua grown wrappers that add the finishing touch to these premium options. No wonder they’re considered the best cigar in the world.

With various types to choose from, these high-quality cigars cost between $4 and a staggering $40 per one. For those that want to experience the more expensive cigars, many are limited edition, so you’ll need to move fast.  

My Father Cigars

My Father cigars are known by many as the best cigar in the world. Their Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars are designed to offer the very best experience possible for tobacco smoking. These expensive cigars are renowned for their quality and won the prestigious cigar of the year award three times! 

Many My Father cigars are available that are quite expensive yet still ensure you get all your money’s worth with their quality flavors. Their cost ranges from $15 to $40, depending on the type you are looking to buy.

Arturo Fuente Cigars

An Expensive Wooden Box With Great Dominicana Cigars Arturo Fuente.

Arturo Fuente cigars are described as one of the best cigars in the world. Grown in the Dominican Republic, they are known for their unique taste that you cannot find elsewhere. Avid cigar smokers that have tried Arturo Fuente cigars highly recommend them. Unfortunately, their high demand makes them incredibly hard to buy, and those that are lucky enough will face some steep costs. 

On the top-end of the cigars they provide, it can cost $31 per cigar. Therefore, it can be an extremely expensive option. However, that requires them to be in stock first! 

Experience These Deluxe Cigars and More

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