There is no time like the holidays for huddling around the hookah with your closest mates and oldest pals. Something about the sweet flavors primes us for good conversation and meaningful trades of secrets and stories alike. As we daydreamt about our upcoming festivities that would undoubtedly revolve around the hookah at one point or another in the night, we got to asking ourselves and our customers what the notoriously favorite hookah flavors were.

Admittedly, we were surprised by some of the overwhelming preference toward flavors. But after checking them all out again ourselves, it is just about impossible to deny the gloriousness that is an evening with any of these 9 best flavors of all time.

Top 9 Hookah Flavors of All Time:

  1. Fresh Mint. This one cannot be claimed as a surprise. Mint is notoriously spectacular in just about any manner of ingestion. It can be mixed with cool finishes or stronger flavors to create balanced notes and my, does it always. You do want to be careful to stay light with mint when mixing. It is naturally potent and its flavor stretches far. Just a dose will do the trick to make any flavor minty fresh!
  2. Peppermint. Peppermint, or cane mint, is not to be confused with fresh mint. Peppermint is naturally milder and does not need to be used with mixers.
  3. Blue Mist. Blue mist is your classic go-to hookah taste, especially with someone new to the culture. Blue mist is the perfect swirl of blueberry and cool mint (see, mint makes everything better). It is sweet with overwhelming your senses, and the minty freshness leaves you ready for more after every pull. Blue mist is a real treat.
  4. Apple. No matter how your apple flavor is spiced up, you can rely on the fruit to bring you a delectable sensory experience.
  5. Pirate’s Cave. Ooh, gear your taste buds up for the sweetest of the sweet. The mingling of lemon-lime soda with hard candy is unexpected and positively mouthwatering.
  6. Absolute Zero. Let’s hear it again for mint with Absolute Zero. Mint! Mint! Mint steps back onto the stage, but with an icy cold flare. This cooling sensation will delight your mouth and throat and can be mixed with just about any other flavor.
  7. White gummy Bear. Every gummi bear is different, and the white is unmistakable. Head back to childhood with the sweet and light pineapple deliciousness.
  8. Sex on the Beach. Well, this title never lets the people down. Enjoy the fruit mesh of tropical pineapple, orange, cranberry, and pomegranate.
  9. Ambrosia. The most underrated mix of all time: orange, coconut, cherry,  marshmallow, and pineapple.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, I don’t even know how to use a hookah, I am so envious of your current vaping status. You are in for a spellbinding treat with these suggestions. If I were you, I would head to a hookah smoke shop on the way home from work and prepare for a swell weekend with your friends. Don’t know where the nearest one is? Browse hookah store near me or reach out to Smokey News for a top recommendation. You are going to be a convert to the hookah life, you can just about mark my words.  

For all the other flavor enthusiasts out there, you’ve got some work cut out for you as well. If you have already made your way and back again through the list, we invite you to challenge these favorites with contenders of your own. If you have not tried all the flavors above, what are you still doing reading this? Get to the shop! It’s time for serious flavor experimentation.