When I first started vaping, way before Smokey News was even founded, I was still new to the whole process and didn’t know much about how these devices worked. When I began to vape on a daily basis, it wasn’t long before I started hearing crackling and popping sounds coming from my vape. I immediately thought something was wrong with my device, and I started searching the web for phrases like why does my vape pop and why does my vape crackle, but to little avail, since back then there were very few websites that covered vaping.

My fellow vapers also didn’t know what was causing these noises, so we decided to investigate ourselves.

As it turned out, hearing popping and crackling sounds during the process of vaping is usually perfectly normal. On the other hand, significant and abrupt changes in the type of vape noises and sound can indicate that there might be something wrong with your vaping device, and in order to avoid causing bigger problems with your vape, it is probably a good idea to have a professional look at your device.

That being said, let’s see what causes your e-cig device to pop and crackle.

The Heat Is On

A subtle yet distinctive crackling sound is completely common. It is produced when the coil heats up the e-liquid in your vaping device, which causes it to vaporize and, on occasion, generates popping noises. This is actually a good thing as it means your vape is working properly and that the e-juice in your device is hitting the hot coil in a proper way, making crackling and popping noises.

The loudness of the noises, however, depends on:

  • the type of device you are using
  • the type of e-juice
  • the intensity of your drags
  • the strength of your drags

Eclectic Electric

One of the main factors is the wattage and voltage level of your vaping device. Those who are using devices built for sub-ohm vaping are more likely to hear the aforementioned sound. As more e-liquid condensates and less of it turns to vapor, the excess of liquid is what ends up making the noise.

PRO TIP: As e-juice isn’t able to vaporize properly in devices with low wattage, make sure to increase it to heat levels as close to normal as possible. Taking longer drags is also an option.

Different E-liquids Pop Differently

Those of you who like to experiment with different e-juices know that thicker e-juices tend to produce more vapor, while “thinner” e-liquids may cause your coil to flood and lead to the popping sounds in the atomizer. To avoid this, we recommend using vegetable glycerin that is of a thicker texture. The texture of propylene glycol liquid is usually too thin.

Coil Design May Be Causing The Popping

The coils that have braided/twisted design feature a larger surface area and have more crannies and nooks, this ensures more vapor is being generated and may lead to the increased frequency of the popping/crackling sounds.

You can also hear vape popping if you use a device that has a narrow drip tip or chimney. Some condensed vapor remains inside in form of droplets and blocks the flow. To avoid this, try using a wider drip tip or switch to an RTC chimney.

For those who are still wondering: Why is my vape popping?; the answer is – pretty much everything mentioned above. All the factors that lead to your device making crackling noises when you vape are related to either the design and the build of your device, or the way your e-juice and the coil wire are interacting with one another.

As we said earlier, if you notice a sudden change in the type and frequency of popping, we at Smokey News smoke shop suggest you have a professional take a look at your device.

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Vape on!