If you are new to the art of vaping, you might be noticing that your vape tastes burnt from time to time, or even all the time (hopefully this is not the case). Few things in this world are as annoying as burnt vape taste. You’ve just made your favorite cup of coffee and are about to start your day, but your vaping juice tastes bad for some reason, even though you know it is good, and you have just replaced your old coil…

It’s not just about the bad taste in your mouth, it’s about the almost inevitable coughing that comes right after. This is exactly why our Smokey News team decided to address this issue and provide you with both reasons and solutions for this vaping ordeal.

For all those wondering why does my vape taste burnt, here some actionable tips and tricks on how to prevent it, and some basic explanations on why this might be happening to your vaporizer.

Avoid Chain Vaping

It is possible that you are chain vaping without even knowing that you are doing it. Chain vaping involves taking 2, 3 or more consecutive hits with no pauses between them, resulting in the burning of the coil. Taking heavy drags can spoil the coil in your vaping device because the wick can’t absorb sufficient vape juice in between the hits, which causes the cord to burn.

Prime the Coils in Your Vaping Device

New coils can also cause the burning sensation if they haven’t been primed prior to vaping. Priming the coil refers to rendering the coil ready by letting the wick soak in the e-juice, so failing to prime the coil may result in burning wick due to dryness.

High-Power I’m doing my job conscientiously May Be the Problem

If you like to vape using high power and you experience burnt taste, it is quite possible that your coil is getting spoiled due to over-the-top wattage. This method can also make your e-liquid vaporize more quickly, and if your wick isn’t able to keep up with the process of absorption, your puffs will taste bad.

The Solution for High Power Vaping

If your vaping device has adjustable power in terms of wattage, take it down a notch or two as it is recommended to adjust it to average (optimal) power. Those who enjoy vaping on a near-24/7 basis should consider upgrading their rig and getting a more high-end atomizer.

High Power Vaping

Your Rig May Be Running Out Of Vape Juice

If your vape tastes burnt and you are among those vapers who have a habit of taking hits until the tank is almost completely dry, you are most likely ruining the coils through this method of vaping. This is a yet another scenario in which the wick is being left high and dry, so to speak.

We suggest to either fill up the tank in your vaporizer more next time or to simply refill it before it is completely dry.

Which E-Juice in Fort Lauderdale to Opt For To Keep Burnt Taste at Bay

Sometimes the burning taste isn’t your fault at all. There are certain types of e-liquids that aren’t good for the coils as they can cause blockage in your vaping rig. These juices are most commonly those with high levels of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as they are quite thick.

Also, those that pack a lot of sugar can cause trouble as sugar is extremely flammable, thus causing the burnt taste. As far as VG based juices are concerned, we, at Smokey News, recommend you do not go above 70%.

What is your experience with this vaping issue? Please share within the comments section below.