Smoke tricks have been around since smoke was invented. Most people are familiar with smoke rings, and the French inhale, but you’ve never seen tricks like this.

The vaping community has taken these tricks to a whole new level , creating original tricks and showcasing there skill on Instagram and Youtube.

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination. Some artists create using paintbrushes, others use their vape mod. Vape tricks have created a community and art form.

A true pioneer in the vape art world is Titus Edwards, AKA King Titus. The Houston, Texas native has been vaping since it hit the main stream and the rest is history. He is what some people would call a vape bender because he can control his vape clouds like no one else can.

Edwards known as “King Titus” on Instagram has a truly amazing skill. His account has over 28,000 followers, and his videos amass hundred of likes and thousands of views.

King Titusiii

Edwards amazing vape skills have caused him to grow in popularity, and he was recently featured on the youtube channel Super Deluxe. In the footage below he displays just how truly remarkable vape tricks can be.

Many people may doubt that vaping is a form of creative expression, but people like King Titus remind us that art is art no matter the medium.