When it comes to both negative and positive effects of vaping, the results are still rather scarce due to the fact that this is still a relatively new trend, and there haven’t been many long-term studies conducted so far. And though some researches indicate that the effects are not too different from those of smoking regular cigarettes, the potential risks and consequences of vaping are almost certainly much less dire when compared to inhaling traditional tobacco.

Of course, vaping with asthma is a separate issue and needs to be approached and studied from a different angle, which is why the team behind Smokey News decided to tackle this issue and try to determine if vaping is bad for people with asthma.

Vaping and Asthma

Breathing is not the same for people with asthma, and us who don’t have this chronic disease, don’t really know what it is like to live with this disorder. According to many asthmatics, for them breathing is not merely an automated behavior that you do not think about throughout the day. For asthmatics, almost every breath they take, that produces those wheezing sounds or triggers coughing reflexes, make them conscious of the very process of breathing.

However, according to some case studies and surveys, it appears that vaping doesn’t have a harmful effect on people with asthma. Unlike smoking traditional cigarettes that contain more harmful substances like tar and nicotine, vaping liquids in Fort Lauderdale (that don’t pack nicotine) are not nearly as bad for them, and many of the survey participants even say that vaping has a positive effect on their respiratory system.

So, to answer the pivotal question of this subject matter: is vaping bad for asthma? – the answer appears to be no.

Can Vaping Be Beneficial for People With Asthma?

As we mentioned earlier, a certain number of asthmatics reported that vaping even had positive effects on their condition and asthma symptoms. Some of these include:

  • Reduced sinus congestion due to the release of vaping moisture.
  • Easier breathing (studies have proven that asthmatics who stopped smoking tobacco and switched to vaping report significant reduction in breathing difficulties, especially in the long-term).
  • Reversed risk of asthma and long-term lung damage when compared to regular smokers.

Is Vaping Bad for Asthma?

It appears that beneficial effects outnumber the negative side effects of vaping in people with asthma. Some users even report the improved condition of their respiratory system and using vaping devices as inhalers that help them relieve some of the symptoms.

Studies conducted by the experts (some of which span over a period of up to 24 months) support these claims and suggest that switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping is highly beneficial for users who have asthma.

Although smoking has proven to be among the worst habits for people with asthma, and even though the research renders vaping a significantly less harmful and dangerous habit, not just for asthmatics, the overall consensus is still that vaping is not entirely safe.

Vaping May Reverse Lung Damage

According to an online study that involved over 19,000 vapers, 76% of former smokers who have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) have reported improvement in breathing after switching to vaping. They also said their physical state has gone for the better, most of them reported improvement with their senses, while some even managed to decrease their medication dosages.

As an end note, we have to remind our readers, yet again, that vaping and asthma is still a topic open to interpretation and additional long-term studies need to be conducted.