Vaping has become such a big thing these days to the point that vapers have even formed their own community of people who love to vape. Although we’re more familiar with what the modern vape looks like and how it works, how much do we actually know about vapes? Here are a few things that vapers would find interesting about vapes.

History of Vaping

Although we’re more familiar with modern vape shops, the art of vaping has already existed in the 5th century in Egypt. Back then, people heated herbs on hot stones and smoked the vapor that came from it. After that, the vape’s ancestor, the shisha, sprouted 1500 years ago, invented by Irfan Shiekh in Afghanistan.

In 1927, people took the idea up a notch and invented the e-cigarette which makes use of water vapor for smoke. This was first conceptualized by Joseph Robinson and popularized by Herbert Gilbert in 1963. Eventually, the Vape Pen came to life years later after the e-cigarette gained mainstream popularity in 2007. The vapes that we see nowadays came from the e-cigarette designed created for smokers to have a healthier alternative.


Through the years, vape pens have gained a lot of popularity because they actually do offer some benefits. First of all, they help smokers kick the habit of smoking by offering an alternative with less nicotine, which is a dangerous substance found in tobacco. According to the American Heart Association, vapes make use of little chemicals and additives as compared to tobacco. The chemicals used by the vapes have less chances of allowing heart problems for the user. Also, vapes aren’t as addictive as tobacco, so vapes can help smokers kick the habit faster.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the vape is completely safe. The chemicals that make up the vape may not be as harmful as tobacco, but they do have their own long term side effects. While they lessen the chances of getting lung cancer, they give off carcinogens which are substances that still increase the risk of getting other kinds of cancer. Also, vape pens do have some levels of nicotine in their e-juice, so vapers still are vulnerable to the harms of nicotine.

Some Fun Facts About Vapes

A lot of people see vapes to have more benefits which is why they continue vaping. In fact, vaping became a part of the culture of some people. A lot of former smokers, especially younger ones, have gone into vaping because it’s the “in thing.” One thing to note is that more than 6 million people in Europe have quit smoking to turn to vapes, so it may be quite effective.

Other than its benefits for smokers wanting to kick the habit, vaping has now become an actual sport. It’s known as cloud chasing, and it is an activity where people manipulate smoke from the vape.