With the rise of vape shops in Fort Lauderdale and a surging vaping community taking hold from coast to coast, it’s interesting to notice what some recent research says about the rapidly declining numbers of cigarette smokers.   

Over fifty years ago, the surgeon general first reported that cigarette smoking was dangerous. At that time, around 42% of American adults smoked. Now, a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention highlights just how much times have changed by stating the rates for those who smoke has dropped faster last year than at any other time in the last twenty years. In fact, only 15% of American adults reported they smoked in 2015 and those numbers are down from the 17% the year before.

So, there’s a question that needs to be asked about these declining rates for smokers and how much vaping popularity continues to steer people away from traditional cigarettes. What are the qualities about this new trend that are helping it to replace other types of  harmful smoking?

Vaping popularity increasing

At least some of the drop in smoking can be attributed to the actions of local municipalities and cities like Boston and New York that have banned the practice entirely in public parks. Vaping popularity is building on this trend and recent evidence from the U.S. National Institutes of Health even suggests that electronic cigarettes help to eliminate the health risks from tobacco smoking.

There are other advantages to vaping that are contributing to the drop in cigarette smoking. For example, vaping shops are an easy and convenient way to take up this new hobby. Traditional tobacco cigarettes need to be bought at a corner store while e-cigarettes can be purchased online from the convenience of your own home. Many of the most up-to-date websites in the vaping community post new inventory and a variety of different e-liquids regularly. That make the entire experience much more varied than smoking nicotine or tobacco products.

More recent research has found that by never smoking or quitting tobacco products you can actually add 20 years to your life span. Another one of the incentives the vaping community knows increases its numbers is the social acceptability of electronic cigarettes. With the bothersome smoke tobacco produces that can get on your clothes and hair as well as inconvenience other people around you, it’s easy to see why purchasing e-cigarettes from your local vaping shop has a clear advantage. You can use them  in most public places without annoying  anyone around you.

Vape Community Sharing

Public-health experts in the United States are also leading the charge away from tobacco by stating that cigarette-related deaths are the number one cause of preventable illnesses in the USA.  Not only is vaping the clear choice for eliminating these tobacco-related health issues, people who switch over to electronic cigarettes often form a vape community where they share their favorite e-liquid flavors and even “vape it forward” to pass the concepts along to other people.

For several very good reasons, vaping popularity is helping to decrease the amount of people who smoke tobacco and traditional cigarettes. The rise of online vendors and their use of traditional marketing methods is helping to steer would-be cigarette smokers away from more harmful products.