If you’re new to the vaping world or even a seasoned vet, there is always room for you to boost your vaping style and creativity. Vaping tricks are becoming almost as popular as vaping itself. Events and contests celebrating those who can pull off the best tricks are sprouting up all over the country. The best part of it all is that these tricks are easy to pull off.

I remember when I began vaping. I would most likely vape with a certain friend or a group of friends. When I started out, I convinced myself I was cool simply because I was vaping. But as time went on my clouds of vapour were ruining the artful O’s and shapes my friends were producing. I soon realized that I needed to add some style to my vaping if I wanted to continue to vape with these friends.

Instead of asking my friends, I went to a variety of vape shops seeking advice. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these tricks were very easy to learn. After some time, I myself became a trick artist.

I was instructed by a gentleman at a vape shop in Fort Lauderdale. He started me out with a few easy tricks and helped me gain some serious respect.

Below are four easy tricks to start out with. They are all fairly easy to master and are the four tricks I started on.

1. O-Rings
This is where you start with vaping tricks. The O-Ring is the easiest to learn and master. Once you are able to execute this trick, you will be respected amongst your peers. I would recommend mastering this before moving down the list.

How to: This is performed by taking a large hit from your device. Then shaping your lips and mouth into an O shape. Then gently and methodically create movement from the back of your mouth. This should create something close to an O shape. It will take some time to get used to the movement and you will begin to figure it out on your own.

2. Double O-Rings
If you are extremely confident from mastering the single O-Ring, then it’s time to up your game to the Double O-Ring. This is much harder than the single, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a bit longer to master.

How to: Take a large hit from you vaping device and gently place your index finger over your mouth. Your index finger should be placed in the middle of your lips to allow the same amount of air to exit on both sides. Once your finger is in place, create the same motion you would do with a single O and two O-rings will come out both sides. This is going to take some trial and error to get used to it.

3. The Dragon
The Dragon is a simple trick to master and it looks extremely intimidating. This trick will gain you respect in an instance.

How to: The key here is to multi-task. Once you have inhaled a good amount of vapour you need to exhale out of your nose and the sides of your mouth at the same time. This will create four flows of vapour mimicking that of a dragon. Work at it! This more than others requires a lot of trial and error.

4. The Ghost
The Ghost is extremely prevalent in the vaping community, although it can be one of the harder tricks to pull off.

How to: Ok enter ultimate focus mode because you are going to need it. Take a good rip from you vaping device. Then jut your lower jaw out in front of your top jaw so it is in line with your nostrils. Then begin to slowly blow out vapor. At the same time you are blowing out of your mouth you need to be inhaling through your nose. This one will take awhile to master, but stick with it.

These four tricks are only a handful of the tricks you can learn. Start with these and check back in with us for more tricks going forward.

If you are looking for more advice feel free to contact us or visit our vape shop in Fort Lauderdale.