If you’re going to start smoking fine cigars, you want to be sure to do it right. The real cigar smoker expert will tell you straight away there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you want to become one of the aficionados who really knows everything from where to buy cigars to how to hold a cigar, you should read the following instructions. Remember, the people who really know about cigars stress they are not a habit, but a hobby that you need to learn about.

One of the first things that you should understand about cigars is the flavor should never change. Real experts buy those brands that stay the same for years. The manufacturers can tweak some of the ingredients, but they should never change anything that will alter the flavor drastically. There might be a natural variation over time, but the taste of your favorite cigar should never change quickly in the short term.

Fine Cigars And Blends

One of the other things a cigar smoker expert will tell you right away is that no two cigars are the same. The people who buy great cigars in Fort Lauderdale understand this product is an agricultural crop and it is impossible to get the blend exactly the same with the same brand 100% of the time. These folks will tell you they actually embrace the small variations found in the same brands for this reason.

If you really want to become a well-rounded cigar smoker you will also need to know how to cut the end off one of these tobacco products properly. Experts stay  away from common household scissors to cut the ends off because they create an uneven edge. It’s suggested that you use a specific single-bladed cutter so you get a straight even cut at the top of the cigar which is called the head. Under no circumstances should you use your teeth to bite the end off because you can distort the shape of the cigar.

How To Hold A Cigar From The Experts

Once you’ve decided on a brand that you feel comfortable with, it’s time to start smoking. When novices  ask, “Do you inhale cigars?” the answer is always no from aficionados who have been around. There’s a big difference between cigarette smoke and cigar smoke, and it’s much better to take a puff of the cigar and let the smoke sit in your mouth for up to 30 seconds before gently blowing it back out to enjoy the flavor.  

The classy cigar smoker also knows how to hold a cigar and the difference between the way you would hold a cigarette. Holding a cigar like a gentleman means positioning it between your index finger and thumb with the finger wrapped around the top  and the thumb used for leverage.

The accomplished cigar smoker wants to know everything about the fine cigars they choose including the best ways to light one up. Many connoisseurs prefer using a match and they caution you should let the sulfur burn off before you touch the lit end to your cigar. If you need to use a lighter instead, the same aficionados stress that you should use one that is fueled by butane. Gasoline lighters leave a bad taste behind.