The term Hookah comes from the Arabic word Huqqa and refers to a pipe-like device most commonly used for tobacco smoking. Its first use can be traced back to the Persian Safavid Dynasty (that ran from 1501 to 1722) located in modern Iran. Though the regular use of hookahs was given a strongly negative reputation, due to negative health effects it can cause, modern technology managed to develop a hookah-like vaping device called e-hookah or hookah pen that is safe to use if used correctly.

Hookah Pen

Compared to a regular e-cigarette or a vaporizer, a hookah pen is somewhat bigger in size, often features quite vivid and colorful designs, and it usually doesn’t include nicotine. The nicotine-less vape juices most commonly feature various fruit flavors that are tobacco based, while the heating mechanism is pretty much the same like in regular e-cigs.

The life of a disposable hookah pen is not measured in hours but in the overall number of puffs one can take out if it. It depends solely on the quality and capacity of the battery that a hookah pen features, which can typically be anywhere from 250-800 puffs.

Finding the Right Hookah Pen

Hookah experts say it is all about the battery.

It appears that opting for a low-voltage battery will yield better results and a more enjoyable and healthier hookah pen experience. Make sure you buy one that features a battery with adjustable temperature settings.

Researchers claim that more carcinogens get inhaled if the vape battery one is using is high in voltage.

So, our suggestion is that you opt  for a vape pen battery that has low voltage specs and packs “less of an electric punch.” Another tip is not to take long puffs as this way you will cause the electric coil inside a pen to get white-hot and thus be potentially more harmful.

Studies suggest that if a liquid has been cut with additives, typically propylene glycol, the optimal voltage is 3.3, while the batteries that go over 5 volts are very unsafe. The simple equation goes like this: the higher the voltage and higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde is released into the vapor. The ideal temperature setting, for beginners anyway, is around 280º.

Finding the Right Hookah Pen

Finding the Right Hookah Oil

Generally, the best hookah oils have the consistency of honey. You would also want your oil not to be too strong, but not thin either. Beware of oils that are too thick as they tend to contain chlorophyll and cuticle waxes coming from the cannabis plant. On the other hand, oils that have water-like consistency have likely been cut with propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, or some other synthetic flavorings and additives that are known carcinogens.

The best method when it comes to choosing the right oil is to trust your gut and your taste buds. Your tongue is hard-wired to detect the chemicals your body don’t need and shouldn’t be taking in, so simply go with your judgment and you should be fine. The rule of thumb is simple: if it tastes bad, don’t vape it.

Also, be careful with the oils that are said to taste just like cannabis. The thing is that real, clean cannabis oils don’t really taste like the cannabis we know and love, which is why most of those liquids contain synthetic compound that imitate the organic compounds found that cannabis provides. The bad news is that these additives turn into carcinogens, especially when exposed to high temperatures.

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