If you’ve been into vaping and smoking, you’ve probably heard of nicotine salts, as they were the craze a few years back. 

Still, the question begs to be answered: what is salt nicotine? 

This compound more or less allows you to vape higher nicotine concentrations without feeling pain and discomfort in your throat like you’d with regular nicotine. Some say that this will also cause you to vape less overall because you get more hits of nicotine with every vaping session. 

So, is salt nic stronger? Well, the better HP-balanced salt nicotine enables you to smoke higher concentrations of the compound without the signature throat hit that you’d have to endure with regular nicotine. In this sense, using freebase (regular) nic may be a bit frustrating for some newcomer vape users who have a hard time figuring out how to get their daily nicotine fix and, at the same time, limit their cigarette consumption to a minimum. 

Before you start looking for the best salt nic liquids to buy, read the article from the team here at Smokey News that compiled comprehensive info about salt nicotine and its effects.

So, what is the difference between salt nicotine and regular nicotine? Find out below! 

Introducing Freebase or Regular Nicotine

Freebase nicotine basically means nicotine in its purest form, and it has more or less been around in tobacco product production since the 1960s. 

Freebase nicotine was more potent back then when heated and had much faster absorption rates. The method was first used by a company named Phillip Morris (Marlboro’s owner). As they’ve found out, manipulating nicotine pH levels can provide more of a kick and become more addictive.  

What Is Salt Nicotine? 

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To better understand how salt nicotine works, you must first understand the science behind freebase nicotine. 

The nicotine found in tobacco leaves has a similar chemical composition to salt, which has a negative and a positive charge (base and acid).

The chemical nature of nicotine is mostly negatively charged particles of a weak base which looks to find positively charged protons to become ionized and stable. 

This means that the nicotine in tobacco leaves doesn’t absorb as effectively and has a harder time moving across organic membranes. With freebasing, nicotine goes back to its free state and, in a nutshell, makes it more bioavailable to the brain and lungs, increasing its potency. 

Impregnating tobacco with diammonium phosphate (a type of salt) releases ammonium after lighting a cigarette, which helps nicotine get back to its free base form. 

So, nicotine salt is basically a natural state of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Salt nic will need higher temperatures to vaporize and won’t absorb as effectively as freebase nicotine. 

Essentially, smoking salt nicotine is a less effective way to get the most out of nicotine.

If this is the case, why would anybody smoke it who’s looking for a harder hit of nicotine?

Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers have found a way to make larger nicotine concentrations palatable and make it more bioavailable than the vaping juices that were used prior. Basically, the goal was to mimic the well-known sensation of cigarette smoking as accurately as possible. 

To put it simply, these modern-day salt nic compounds vaporize more efficiently at lower temperatures and pH levels, ensuring a smoother throat hit while making the nicotine more absorbable like freebase nicotine. 

What Is the Difference Between Salt Nicotine and Regular Nicotine? 

Without getting too deep into chemistry, from the perspective of vaping, salt nic is less harsh, even in higher nicotine concentrations. Freebase or regular nicotine has higher pH levels making freebase e-liquids taste much harsher as you up the nicotine dosage.

On the other hand, there’s a difference in how the two compounds travel across the body. As mentioned, nicotine salts were previously known to be less effective when it comes to absorption; modern technology has enabled manufacturers to improve this with the addition of benzoic added, which boasts a better bioavailability than most freebase e-liquids. 

So, Is Salt Nic Better?

If you are looking for higher nicotine levels and a smooth experience, then they are definitely worth a shot. Still, you have to remember that these compounds work in lower-wattage vapes. If you want to use nic salt, then avoid high-powered vapes. As such, some experts don’t recommend using sub-ohms to vape salt nic with around 50mg nic levels, as it can result in a fairly unpleasant experience. 

Most low-wattage devices are sleek and operate on autofire, making them easy to use and straightforward. Still, it’s always a great idea to consult an expert if you are new to vaping and want to experiment with salt nicotine. As such, you can always visit us and take a look at what we have to offer. 

The Benefits of Salt Nicotine

Again, is salt nic better? From a certain point of view, it does have some benefits to it, and here they are: 

  • Requires a simpler device to use: Low-wattage vapes are more hassle-free. Just buy your cartridges, and you’re good to go. There’s no need to mess around with refilling e-juices, and the vape simply fits in your pocket. 
  • Smoother taste: If you’re not of fan of that signature nicotine kick, salt nicotine can give you a better overall vaping experience with higher nic levels per session. Your throat won’t feel as harsh as it would with freebase nicotine. 
  • Higher levels of nicotine: Simple – you get more bang for your buck! Some will also say that the higher levels of salt nic may even help quit cigarettes and combat cravings. 
  • Longer shelf life: The compound is in its natural state and more stable. This makes it less likely to oxidize quickly. 
  • Don’t need to use as many e-liquids: Better absorption and higher nicotine levels mean that users will most likely consume much less e-juice. Also, these compounds produce less vapor, which is excellent for those users who prefer low-profile devices while delivering more nicotine. 

Are There Any Drawbacks? 

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Well, nicotine has its own reputation, to begin with. The nicotine concentration in nic salts is much higher, making it more addictive than freebase vaping. 

Also, benzoic acid may have serious side effects on the body, so that’s another thing to consider. All in all, vaping nicotine salts aren’t the safest thing you can do, but it’s still better than smoking. And if you are considering shifting to vaping to curb your cigarette habit, then it can be an excellent way to start.

We’re Here to Help You Get Started

Now, you have a better idea of the basic differences between nicotine salts and regular freebase nicotine liquids. Still, if you want to know more about the compound and are looking for a low-wattage device to get started, feel free to visit us in Fort Lauderdale.