If you ditched conventional cigarettes and picked up vaping as your newest smoking hobby, you’re probably wondering can you vape anywhere and will you be legally prosecuted if you break the rules. Well, the short answer is no, vaping is not legal everywhere, but it’s not exactly illegal either.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular by the day. In fact, it’s spreading so fast that some countries have decided to impose legal obligations to somewhat regulate the growing trend. Laws governing vaping will vary depending on where you live. In some countries vaping is even encouraged as a healthier and more affordable alternative to conventional cigarettes. Today we’re going to answer is it illegal to vape in the U.S., how other countries handle this smoking method and some other things that you might not know.

Vaping Laws in the U.S.

As we mentioned, vaping laws differ depending on where you live. The situation in the U.S. has recently changed dramatically. There were quite a few regulations that went into effect in the last year. Right now, the FDA has complete authority over all vaping devices and products. However, every state h