One of the greatest things about vaping is that there are numerous options in terms of equipment, liquids, accessories, and style, which makes vaping different from any other type of smoking and a rather personal experience. Vape accessories are becoming extremely popular among vapers around the globe as they can truly make you stand out from the crowd, which is why we at Smokey News vape shop wanted to provide you with a list of 5 cool vape accessories any true vaper must try.

Let’s get crackin’!

Sub-Ohm Vaping Kits

There are several different ways to approach vaping in terms of technique and style, and the one vaping trend that has gotten increasingly popular over the years is certainly sub-ohm vaping. This cool new style involves vaping below one ohm of electrical resistance, which can turn regular vaping into an utterly different and rather unique experience when it comes to:

  • vapor production (you can produce extremely large amounts of vapor)
  • flavor
  • type of vapor

If you are just starting out with sub-ohm vaping, we recommend you try out various sub-ohm vaping kits, and the best one to check out is the versatile and affordable Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit. This set-up comes in 3 badass colors – black, silver, unicorn/rainbow – and provides you with everything you need for a true sub-ohm experience: a SMOK Stick V8 2000 mAh Battery, a 3ml tank, two coils – M2 Core (0.15 & .25 ohm), and a USB charging cable.

Drip Tips

The art of vaping is so versatile because you have the opportunity to modify any part of your vaping kit and add cool vape accessories, but what vapers tend to forget is that you can use various types of drip tips (mouthpieces) and make your vaping experience even more suitable to your own taste.

Most important details to take into consideration when finding the perfect mouthpiece are:

  • shape
  • size
  • material (typically drip tips are made of pyrex glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic)

Vape Tanks

Image of man smoking a vaporizer in his home. Concept of best Vape Tank for any vape.Although tanks don’t seem like a crucial part of your vaping kit, these bad boys can make a huge difference. Quality juice and a solid battery won’t be able to excel if you don’t have a good vape tank, especially if you decide to take the sub-ohm vaping route.

We recommend the Wismec Reux Tank Kit as it boasts enormous capacity with its impressive 6 mL tank that will definitely last a long time. If you are looking for a tank that will produce enormous clouds, this sub-ohm vaping .15 to .5 ohm resistance tank is the one to go with.

Vape Mods

Once you get all the vaping equipment necessities, it is time for some badass modifications. If you don’t want to get stuck in a rut of smoking the same set-up for months, you better start exploring all those interesting vaping mods available on the market. Modification units and mod kits come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and can truly bring fun to your vaping experience.

We recommend the Alien Mod by Smok. Vaping simply won’t be the same after you try this one!

Wax Tanks

Wax tanks and liquid vape tanks differ in both design and characteristics. In case you find yourself in the need for some wax vaping, you will need a cool, well-built and versatile wax tank. We suggest the Kiln RA Vape Tank set-up provides you with all the necessary goodies you require to vape concentrates like a boss:

  • mouthpiece
  • ceramic housing
  • atomizer
  • connector base
  • screwdriver
  • packing tool

What are your favorite cool vape accessories?

Feel free to leave a comment and should you find yourself in the need for quality yet affordable vaping, hookah, and/or smoking equipment, make sure you check out Smokey News right away! We have it all.